Selena Gomez’s Mental Health Journey Has Given Her A “unique point of view”

“I feel better, and I feel like I can understand a lot of things now.”

Selena Gomez just gave an insight into how she fought against mental health problems in an interview for The Newsette. Accompanying the star was her mother, Mandy Teefy who didn’t shy away from being vocal about her daughter’s recovery journey. Talking about her supportive mom, Gomez said, “Because I was raised by a mom who wasn’t afraid to talk about things, it didn’t seem like a taboo thing for me,” don’t you wash all parents thought along the same lines as Teefy? Yes, us too! The ‘Come and get it singer’ further added, “It was like, ‘Oh, ok, I definitely know it’s possible to have mental illness, so I was much younger when I started therapy…and it was great, but I was still figuring it out. I think it takes a special person for you to match up with”. Selena Gomez, who launched her makeup line Rare Beauty this summer believes that mental health care should be accessible to everyone who cannot afford ‘traditional therapy’, which is why she has taken up a new venture, an impact fundraiser hoping to collect $100 million within 10 years to help people deprived of mental health services to get what they need. Talking about the same, she said “Now I get to support other people, and with the Rare Impact Fund, we’re pledging to donate $100 million in 10 years to mental health causes, so now I get to talk more openly about mental health to hopefully help others.”

Gomez was diagnosed with bipolar disorder earlier this year has undergone treatment for mental illness and anxiety disorder but she owes it to her battle against such difficult times for her current success. “None of what I’m doing now would have stemmed from the mindset I had before. My best stuff is happening now. And then the greatest thing ever in my music was ‘Lose You to Love Me’”, she said referring to her last year’s hit, which is believed to be about her split with former boyfriend, Justin Bieber. She recalls the response her song had gathered the first two days and admits she couldn’t believe it. “I remember I smiled and I was like, ‘That’s why it’s worth it. All of these years of confusion and being in love, and all of this stuff… and it was finally a clean slate.”, the Rare artist said before she clarified that she her reason for smiling was her realization of why she went through everything after the song’s massive success.

Selena Gomez also revealed the struggles of opening up about her mental health on social media. The 28 year old said she got angry that her story was twisted differently and she had to come forward with a clarification to expunge various conjectures revolving around the reason behind her struggle. “I don’t really care what people think about me. On my own social media, I got to tell the truth. And once I started claiming my own name, I think people understood my mental health journey,” Gomez said.

Her mom, Mandy Teefey who has played a major part in her recovery admitted she wanted to ‘fix everything’ for Selena and it was difficult for her to deal with her own mental health while dealing with her daughter’s. “We went through a lot of ups and downs, but if our ups and downs can help another family, then it’s all worth it,” she said. Teefey who believes “patience, listening and not being in denial” are the key to settle these issues with family, further added, “the fact that Selena thinks that she’s doing her best stuff now that she’s healthier, is a positive message.” The mom daughter duo actively advocate taking care of one’s mental health and aspire to spread hope and smiles with their story.

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