Shailene Woodley Opens Up About A Personal Issue That Made Her Quit Hollywood For A While

A pillar of strength & hope!

We thought that the Divergent and Big Little Lies star, Shailene Woodley has had it easy in Hollywood since we’ve seen her land big roles right from the start. But, her recent confession about a medical situation in her early 20s, that almost made her put a pause to her career, has shaken us all. 

Shailene Woodley says, “I was very sick” & had to give up on opportunities  

In an interview with The New York Times, Shailene Woodley said, “I haven’t spoken much about this yet publicly, and I will one day, but I was very, very sick in my early 20s. While I was doing the ‘Divergent’ movies and working hard, I also was struggling with a deeply personal, very scary physical situation. Because of that, I said no to a lot of opportunities because I needed to get better, and those jobs ended up going to peers of mine who I love. They went on to a lot of success, but there was a mix of people saying, ‘You shouldn’t have let that go!’ or ‘You shouldn’t have been sick!” We all know that letting go hurts more than anything, hence, more power to her for prioritizing her health and bouncing back stronger! 

Shailene Woodley: A pillar of strength & hope!

One cannot even begin to imagine how hard it must have been for Shailene to battle something that serious at an all-time career high. When you get big roles offered at such an early age, it sure means that the stars are in your favor, and turning them down must have taken a toll on her. She also opened up about how she felt through it by saying “I was in a place where I had no choice but to just surrender and let go of my career, and it brought out this negative voice in my mind that kept spinning for years and years afterward.” 

What are Shailene Woodley’s upcoming movies? 

We are next going to see Shailene Woodley in ‘Endings, Beginnings’ where she’s playing the character of a woman stuck in a love triangle. Apart from this, her future projects also include a thriller next to Benedict Cumberbatch titled, ‘Prisoner 76’ and another romantic drama called ‘Last Letter From Your Lover’ with Felicity Jones. 

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