Sharon Osbourne Taking A Million Dollars To Leave The Talk?

“inaccurate or untrue”

Sharon Osbourne was rumoured to be paid a million dollars following her exit from The Talk

Sharon Osbourne, who has recently walked away from her show “The Talk” where she worked for almost 11 years was reportedly rumoured to get a million dollars from that show on her exit. In the last week’s episode of The Talk, Osbourne had a little argument with her co-host Sheryl Underwood while defending her pal Piers Morgan. Osbourne asked Sheryl to ‘educate’ her on how can Morgan’s statement be called a racist statement due to which Sheryl got a little emotional after which Sharon told her “And don’t try and cry, because if anyone should be crying, it should be me.”

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Piers Morgan recently gave a statement against Meghan Markle after the Duke and Duchess’s Oprah interview. He said that he does not believe anything that Meghan has said against the Royal Family. Later, Piers’ statement landed him in a big controversy as people believed that his comments were racial. His old friend Sharon Osbourne also followed his lead and jumped right into the controversy after defending him in front of the world.

After this behaviour of Sharon Osbourne, CBS decided to investigate the incident and took a 2 weeks break from the show. However, that was not enough, CBS also decided to let Sharon go and released a statement saying that her behaviour “did not align with our values for a respectful workplace.” However, as reported, now a Page Six source has claimed that “Sharon is walking away with a $5 to $10 million minimum payout.” And that she “was able to spin that it was her decision”

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Another source said that Sharon Osbourne has appointed a lawyer to make sure that “the network will have to pay her a sizable settlement to keep her quiet after this,” because “she knows where all the bodies are buried.” While another insider added, “Sharon is livid — a lot of what is being said is total nonsense, but she wanted to be away from the drama and agreed it was time to step away. She is adamant she is still owed money, though, and won’t let that go. A quick departure with no further fuss would suit everyone but she isn’t giving in on the cash.” However, a CBS spokesperson then confirmed to that these rumours are not true. He said “False, inaccurate or untrue. Take your pick.”

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Simon Cowell’s difficult situation because of Piers and Osbourne controversy

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After all this fuss, now entrepreneur Simon Cowell is in a “difficult” position according to his ex Sinitta because Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne are both his old friends, but recently they have been a part of a very big controversy and have left their respective shows. Sinitta believes that Simon would not wanna work with either of them again now. She said “I think Simon would be in a difficult position because he won’t stand for and he doesn’t support any form of racism. He’s also friends with Harry and he’s also against bullying, so what is he going to do? What can he do?”

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