Shawn Mendes Reveals How Girlfriend Camila Cabello Helped Him With His Music

The couple’s PDA phase is in full swing!

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have, hands down, been the most adorable couple that has set new couple goals day by day this year. Shawn Mendes recently opened up about their relationship and other personal things on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello loved social distancing together!

They have spent most part of this quarantine phase together in Camila’s house in Miami. He recalls the sudden rush of quarantine had put him in a panic state, “It’s funny, when I got here, it was like the beginning of the album process and I was like in a full panic state. I was like, ‘There’s no way I’m going to make music. This is going to be impossible.”

He was worried about how far his album progress will go but not only did this phase give him time and space to focus on his music, but also gave him the much-needed break from the rut of life. He commented on this saying, “But like a week goes by and you start cooking eggs in the morning, you start doing laundry and taking dogs for walks, and you like have a coffee mug that you use the same one every day, and it just becomes like really nice. I’ve basically been living in hotel rooms since I was 15. So it’s been nice, man, it’s been really nice.” He further added, “especially with this quarantine, I found a moment for stillness and just be quiet with myself and also find confidence with the work I was doing.”

He also goes on to talk about how Camila Cabello played a major role in the development of his album. “I told her the thesis of what I want the album to be from the very beginning and it was the best thing I ever did because there’s always a point halfway through the project where you’re like ‘this is garbage’…and I probably would’ve been discouraged enough to move to a different world sonically if I didn’t have her backing me the whole time.”

Looks like we just found out what Shawn Mendes fondly calls Camila Cabello!

“Reina” read the caption of a photo that he had uploaded recently. Reina is Spanish for ‘Queen.’ Yup, he just called his girlfriend a queen and we can’t get enough of how perfect they look with each other!

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s PDA phase is in full swing. Earlier this week, Camila Cabello had also uploaded a picture of them in a koala hug, being goofy and comfortable at home. Fans filled up the comment section with #CoupleGoals. We couldn’t agree more!

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