She ‘Is a Virgo!’: Katy Perry Talks About Her Daughter Daisy Dove

“Giving birth, then going back to work and breastfeeding, like — holy crap!”

Katy Perry opens up about her motherhood and her schedule with her daughter named Daisy Dove, whom she shares with Orlando Bloom.

Katy Perry appeared on the Live with Kelly and Ryan talk show along with her American Idol co-judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan. She welcomed her daughter Daisy Dove in August last year, who is the first child of Katy Perry and the second child of Orlando Bloom.

Orlando Bloom also shares a son with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr. 

The singer talked about her intense routine by saying-“Yeah, of course there’s a routine. My daughter is a Virgo and she thrives in routine. But I did start filming American Idol season 4 after I’d given birth, five weeks later. And I didn’t plan that. But it was like, ‘Oh, my God!’ It was so intense, you know?”

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Katy Perry also added- “Giving birth, then going back to work and breastfeeding, like — holy crap! This is what women do? Oh my God!”

Kelly Ripa, who is the co-host and also a mother of a three-year-old, agreed with Katy Perry by saying- “It’s kinda amazing. It’s like you can’t believe what your body is capable of, right?” Katy also praised Orlando by adding: “I have an incredible partner who supports me and lifts me up and he’s a great guy.”

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However, the singer gets some rest in her busy schedule with the help of transcendental meditation. “There’s been so many different ways TM has blessed me, but in this particular moment, as a new mother, I take 20 minutes,” she said, adding that meditation gives her “the deepest rest” that she had been “desperate for as a reset.”

Katy Perry also appeared in a black hair appearance on the ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. She took to Instagram to post her photos and videos in her dark hair appearance and Dundas gown.

Katy Perry wore ornate black and purple coloured earrings along with black open-toed pumps. She also tagged makeup artist Michael Anthony, stylist Tatiana Waterford, and hairstylist Jesus Guerrero in the post. However, she admitted that the black hair appearance was fake through her Instagram story.  

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