Six Unknown Facts About The ‘Rolling In The Deep’ Singer And The woman Of The Hour, Adele!

Adele! We love and adore you; keep growing!

We all have had a phase in our life where we played Adele’s ‘Rolling In The Deep’ or her ‘Someone Like You’ on loop. Not just that, we all have even imagined ourselves rocking it on the stage singing those songs, haven’t we? Guess what, the amazeballs Adele turns 32 today and it’s only fitting to celebrate her journey with some facts that might take you by surprise: 

#1: Adele’s childhood

Can you guess Adele’s age when she first picked up the mic to sing? She was four! Another lesser-known fact about her childhood is that Adele’s father left their family when she was two. Her mother has nonetheless raised her to be an unapologetic confident woman!  

#2: Adele has stopped reading since the age of six 

We all have things that we are passionate about as kids but for Adele, she had realized early on that singing is the only and only one thing that she wants to focus on. She confessed that she had stopped reading at the age of six to make more time for her singing practice. 

#3: Adele’s song albums are named on her age 

Noticed how all her album names are mostly numbers? They signify Adele’s age when she wrote those songs. 

#4: Adele’s weight loss journey began with giving up sugar 

She’s a coffee addict who used to have over ten cups a day. A significant change that she made to her diet while losing weight was eliminating refined sugar. The talented singer credits this as the biggest step in her weight loss journey.  

#5: UK’s Prime Minister once sent her a fan mail 

During the great recession in the UK, Adele’s songs were a big emotional and psychological help for people to cope with everything. Acknowledging the same, Gordon Brown, UK’s former Prime Minister once wrote to her expressing his gratitude for keeping the country together in spirit. 

#6: Body hair, don’t care! 

Adele has been a fierce feminist who has made strong remarks about things via her actions and speech. For a very long period, she didn’t shave her legs and when asked if her boyfriend had a problem with it or not, she said, “He has no choice. I’ll have no man telling me to shave my [redacted] legs. Shave yours.” 

Hello from the other side, Adele! We love and adore you; keep growing! 

Cover Image Source: Instagram

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