Spider-Man No Way Home: Tom Holland Shares All The Details

The British actor rejoices his last training session

Tom Holland is currently in the process of wrapping up ‘Spider-Man No Way Home’. Recently, he posted his end of training session picture on his Instagram. It read, ” I never post s*** like this but it’s our last day so f*** it. Thank you @duffygaver for making everything about this job better. Love you pal.” Duffer Gaver has worked with other Marvel stars like Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johannson and also Brad Pitt and Channing Tatum.

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Tom Holland revealed that he’d be taking a break after his role of Peter Parker in Spider-man 3. He said, ” I’m gonna take a break. I’m gonna go home and just enjoy some time, you know – it’s the first time since I signed on to Spider-Man that I don’t have a contract with someone. I’m just gonna go home and see where the wind takes me.”

Holland’s brother Harry Holland in his new movie

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Another surprise in No Way Home is that Tom Holland‘s brother is in the movie. In his recent interview, Holland mentioned, “That was an idea we had, we were having a barbecue at my house within the first few weeks of shooting. Mr. Watts was there and Harry kind of put it on him and said, ‘Listen, Jon, I’ve been here since the beginning, when are you going to put me in this film?’. And Jon had a perfect idea, that was making him a bank robber and then I have to catch him, which is a lot of fun.”

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Spider-man and Deadpool?

Though the contract with MCU is ending for Tom Holland, He hopes that he’d get to share screen time with Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool. The Mouse House has acquired the rights to Deadpool. It looks like we’re going to get to watch Spider-man and Deadpool together. MCU is always ready to give its fans what they want. Reynolds and Holland already have a budding relationship going on. The former also sent him a case of his aviation gin especially when the latter wanted to quit drinking. This shows that there’s unquestionably a good friendship behind the scenes.

Be sure to catch Tom Holland on MCU’s Spider-man 3 on 17th December 2021.

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