Steve Bing Penned Adieu Notes To Damian Hurley And Kira Kerkorian Bing!


Steve Bing’s death has left the entertainment industry in a state of shock. The tinsel town was grief-struck after the news broke out that the multi-millionaire, who was also the producer of some prominent Hollywood movies, committed suicide. Condolence messages poured in from various quarters with many prominent personalities remembering Steve Bing in their own words. While the sadness surrounding his departure is yet to subside, another news has come up that is nothing less than an emotional one. Reportedly, Steve Bing had penned adieu notes to his children Damian Hurley and Kira Kerkorian Bing before taking the extreme step on June 22, 2020. For the uninitiated, 18-year-old Damian is Steve’s son with actress Elizabeth Hurley whereas 21-year-old Kira Kerkorian is his daughter with popular tennis player Lisa Border.

TV personality Billy Bush’s Revelation

Popular TV personality Billy Bush came up with the revelation regarding the goodbye notes penned by Steve Bing. Reports suggest that that they were written hours before Steve’s death. It is being said that the letters that were found in his building have been passed on to the children.

Depression and COVID 19 impact played a key factor?

According to Billy Bush, Steve Bing had been battling depression for quite some time. The TV personality also divulged that the COVID 19 quarantine too might have played a crucial factor. Billy conveyed that he got to know about these from his common friends with Steve. “The whole coronavirus thing was definitely a factor. It really messed with him. Another source told me he was very depressed. Close friends are shocked at his death. Sources told ‘Extra’ he suffered from bipolar disorder.”, Billy stated.

About Steve Bing’s relocation to Beverley Hills

Earlier, Steve Bing moved to Beverly Hills, which is the abode of many bigwigs like him. Billy Bush conveyed that Steve’s friends were rather shocked to learn about his relocation. According to them, Steve Bing was a bit reclusive and introvert. On the contrary, Beverly Hills is a place which is considered to be the ‘most social’ area.

Damian Hurley‘s note on Instagram

Steve Bing’s son Damian Hurley had written a long note on Instagram thanking everyone who reached out to him after hearing about the devastating incident. Yesterday, Damian penned yet another message on social media to convey his gratitude once again for lending him all the support during the tough time. “I’d like to thank you all again for your overwhelming kindness over the past few days. Your love and support has helped me greatly during this challenging time.”, he wrote.

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