Steve Harvey Goofs Up At The Miss Universe Event, Once Again!

We love and adore what you do, don’t stop anytime soon!

Veteran TV host Steve Harvey is widely acclaimed as one of the wittiest and quickest hosts of all time. He has been the host of Family Feud and Celebrity Family Feud since 2010. Along with these successful shows, he’s also hosted numerous historic award shows and events. These include the Oscars and interviewing the President. But there’s one event in particular that he seems to lose to or rather lose at, time and again, and that is the Miss Universe pageant.


Stevie! That’s no good man! 

Although it wasn’t really his mistake, Steve Harvey was again involved in a goof-up at the Miss Universe pageant. He announced the Best Costume Design to Miss Philippines when it was actually Miss Malaysia, Shweta Sekhon. The embarrassed yet super-graceful Shweta told him that it isn’t Philippines, it’s Malaysia. To which he said, “Well, let me explain something to you, I just read that in a teleprompter.”

Steve called out the organisers by saying, “You all gotta quit doing this to me.” He further complained “This is what they did to me back in 2015. Played me short like this.”

It is like Deja Vu! Steve doesn’t know what to do

They say history repeats itself. That’s exactly what happened at this year’s Miss Universe pageant. Just like back in 2015, Steve Harvey goofed up big time. Last time, he had misread the envelope and gave the prestigious award to Ms Columbia instead of Ms Philippines. After an embarrassing clarification process, they took the crown from the now completely heartbroken Miss Columbia, Ariadna Gutiérrez and gave it to the actual winner Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach. Although, he apologized later. Here, have a look!

Chill out legend, no one’s blaming you this time! 

Steve Harvey is no newcomer to showbiz; he’s been here enough to know what sells and what doesn’t. He’s in the hearts of every American household, so we’re pretty sure he knows what he’s doing. And he showed us that by ending the show as grandly as possible. 

Granted, this time genuinely it wasn’t his mistake and he actually just read it off the teleprompter. So, Steve, we love and adore what you do, don’t stop anytime soon! 

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