Stumped By Adele’s Dramatic Weight Loss? Experts Hints That She May Have Had Plastic Surgery

Why is being slim treated as an accomplishment?

It is one thing to be congratulated on your birthday, but to go viral? Well, Adele did, when she showed off her weight loss in a recent post on her 32nd birthday. The Internet went on a frenzy, the picture went viral, and people rushed to praise the singer-songwriter with comments like Lil Nax X’s “Why you won!” to other stressing it as the greatest thing she has ever achieved (yep, her 15 Grammy wins don’t stand a chance, do they?) And now, medical experts have added yet another level to the obsession with being slim as an accomplishment, as they hinted that it appears that Adele’s weight loss is more due to cosmetic procedures than a strict workout.

On her birthday, Adele posted a picture of herself in a slim-fitting black mini dress with billowy sleeves and thanked her celebrity pals and fans for their wishes, before thanking the “first responders and essential workers who are keeping us safe while risking their lives!” “You are truly our angels ♥️,” she wrote. 

“Adele looks UNRECOGNISABLE after massive weight loss,” one of her fans commented. And well, the rest of the comments more or less were along the lines of how amazing she looks post her transformation, heavily hinting at how she now fits the conventional pop star looks and that slim trumps those who don’t feel the need to lose weight.

“Weight loss fascination is enshrined in the rewards that societal norms offer and the expectations of being ‘thin’,” shared psychologist Sandy Rea. 

It was rumored that that Adele’s weight loss secret is her sirtfood diet, which regulates a person’s metabolism and claims to shed seven pounds in a week! Reportedly, she had been working out lately and had even hired a personal trainer.

But celebrity plastic surgeons have hinted that there are high chances that Adele’s dramatic weight loss is the result of cosmetic procedures

“Given her weight loss, she would have also lost facial volume, leading her features to droop,” shared Dr. Howard Sobel, a board-certified dermatologic surgeon, with PEOPLE. “Since she looks fresh-faced and wrinkle-free, I suspect that she has had fillers in multiple facial areas, including her nasolabial folds and Botox on the upper third of her face.”

Another top surgeon, Dr. Ramtin Kassir also believes that Adele’s weight loss being prominently visible on her jawline, which looks “so clean-looking” and “tight” now, can be because she added fillers to it. “It just wouldn’t shock me if she had a little bit of extra help,” he said. 

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