Tanya Roberts Passes Away After A Series Of Bizarre Premature Death Announcements

The actress was earlier pronounced dead, then reported to be alive.

In a very bizarre turn of events, Tanya Roberts was announced dead on Sunday. The internet mourned the death of the ‘Bond Girl’ and That 70s Show star, Tanya Roberts. Later, her representative contracted the statement, saying there was a “human miscommunication” and that she was still alive.

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Tanya Roberts had collapsed at her LA home on Christmas eve, after which she was hospitalized. As the news of her death came out, she was trending at the top of Google news while some of her co-stars even shared their memories with the actress. She was remembered for the various iconic roles she played during her career. Within hours, the news was retracted, and she was claimed to be alive.

How Did The Confusion Happen?

Lance O’Brien, Tanya Roberts’ partner, had earlier told her publicist that on Sunday, he thought Tanya Roberts was dead after he visited her in the hospital. She suddenly opened her eyes but then shut them, and he “saw her fade away.”

He even told her representative that “she died in my arms.” He did not speak to the hospital staff and conveyed the news of her death to her publicist. Later, during an interview with Inside Edition, Lance got a call from the hospital confirming that the actress was still alive.

Amid the confusion, Tanya Roberts kept receiving obituaries from media outlets and her friends. Her co-star from That 70s Show- Ashton Kutcher, even jumped in to correct the other co-stars who were sharing their condolences. “Yo bro she’s not dead,” he corrected Topher Grace. To a post by Debra Jo Rupp, he commented, “Dj she’s still alive.” 

Tanya Roberts was confirmed to have passed away on Monday night at Los Angeles’ Cedars -Sinai Hospital- this time for real.

Tanya Roberts had to go through very confusing final hours, but she will be remembered for more than that. The actress was known for her roles in A View to a Kill as a ‘Bond Girl’. She was chosen over from 2,000 actresses to play Julie Rogers in Charlies’ Angels. She also played the titular comic character ‘Sheena’. Tanya Roberts was most recently seen in That 70s Show as Midge Pinciotti, alongside Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.

Tanya Roberts was 65 years old. She had no children and is survived by her partner, Lance O’Brien and her sister, Barbara Chase.

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