Taylor Swift Grammys 2021: Details Of Upcoming Grammys Performance

It is the 13th anniversary of Taylor’s first Grammy nomination!

Taylor Swift shared some information with Entertainment Tonight about re-recording songs on the 13th Anniversary of her first ever Grammy nomination for Best New Artist and also about her upcoming Grammys 2021 performance. She also opened up about the state of her career and shared some advice that she would love to give to her younger self.

In the interview with ET she sat down and spoke with ET’s Keltie Knight during a rehearsal break, she said –

“It’s pretty wild how much time has passed since my first GRAMMY nomination. I still feel pretty lucky to still be a part of this night. I think the advice I would give myself when I was younger is probably to, when things get hard, always focus on how much I love music.”

“That has been the thing that, no matter what, has protected me from any of the other outside things that have made me feel strange. I’ve never had a problem with the general fact of making music or playing music. I’ve never stopped loving it. It’s been the outside stuff that has made me feel down at times.”

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Continuing , Taylor Swift said that over the course of her career there have been two things in particular that have helped protect her when the going gets hard which is enthusiasm and how much she loves music.

Speaking about enthusiasm Taylor Swift said – “As soon as you fail, enthusiasm tells you that the next great idea is around the corner.”

As Taylor continued she spoke about her love for music – “And your love of music will always center you, if you’re doing this for that, and that alone, because that is hard to take away. People can reduce and criticize other elements. It sounds really, really simple, but loving the actual making of music and the playing of music is what I think has really helped me balance things.”

Will Taylor Swift be performing at Grammy’s 2021 this year?

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Taylor Swift has been nominated in 6 categories in this year’s Grammys nominee list, with the most notable being her eighth studio album Folklore which got nominated for Album Of The Year. She is also slated to perform at this year’s Grammy’s to perform her hits –

“One thing I can tell you about my GRAMMY performance that’s not highly confidential is that my GRAMMY performance includes my collaborators Aaron Dessner and Jack Antonoff. Which is really exciting, because this has been an adventure that the three of us have gone on since the very beginning of quarantine and lockdown.”

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