Taylor Swift Inspired Selena Gomez’s Early Pop Star Fashion Sense

Quite the inspiration.

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have been friends for a long time- 13 years, in fact, and during all those years they have never stopped publicly supporting each other, with Gomez recently crediting Swift for inspiring her early pop-star fashion sense. Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez met when both of them were dating the Jonas Brothers together

Selena Gomez recently appeared in a feature video for Vogue in which she discussed and looked back at some of her most iconic fashion moments. Gomez revealed that one of her closest friends, Taylor Swift, was one of her biggest influences regarding her fashion sense during Gomez’s early years as a pop star.

“It’s fun. I was 18 years old. This was ‘Love You Like a Love Song,’ the video that we did for it, which to this day, honestly, is still one of my favorite songs. I thought it was my time to cross over and become a pop star, whatever that was to me then. It just was really fun. I think it was the first time I tried to be high fashion, and you can laugh at that because that’s not high fashion. To be honest, when I was younger, Taylor [Swift] inspired me a lot when it comes to wardrobe and stage outfits. But you wouldn’t be—no, you’re never going to see me wear that again, no.”

Gomez was referring to her 2011 hit song ‘Love You like a Love Song”, which peaked at number 22 on the Billboard Hot 100.

But, Taylor Swift was not the only person that Selena Gomez took inspiration for her outfits from. Gomez wore a skin-tight glitzy jumpsuit during her 2016 Revival Tour in support of her album of the same name, she said during the video that Britney Spears was the inspiration behind the outfit she wore for the opening act-

“This one, we did for the opening act. I’m not gonna lie, Britney Spears inspired it from “Toxic” so I wanted to find a moment where that could kind of have its place.”

“Do I put it on and try to sing? Sometimes,”

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