Ted Danson Gets Tearful Talking About ‘The Good Place’ Co-Star Kristen Bell

Reliving the Good Place days!

One of the many things that The Good Place gave us was Kristen Bell and Ted Danson’s amazing friendship. Bell and Danson never stop singing praises for each other publicly and are easily one of the best BFFs duo in Hollywood.

It was only recently that the Good Place family reunited for Deadline’s virtual screening of the series finale. The screening was followed by a quick Q and A session which went on to prove that the love Kristen Bell and Ted Danson have for each other is unmatched! Here are some snippets from the chat.

Ted Danson calls Kristen Bell “the captain of the ship”

The cast was asked what they learnt during the course of the show and most of them said they gained a lot of insightful knowledge given the psychologic bent of the show.

But Ted Danson, 72, had quite a unique answer to this question. “I learned that I’ve never worked with anyone like Kristen Bell. You were such an amazing captain of the ship,” he said.

The star became teary-eyed as he recalled working with Kristen. “You were so elegant, you were so effortless, you were so beautiful, and you set a tone that matched [showrunner] Mike’s words. You really did. And I adore you and I miss you terribly.”

Kristen Bell played the role of Eleanor Shellstrop, a businesswoman who mistakenly ends up in the heaven-like “Good Place” after death. This is a reward for all her good deeds, but Eleanor knows there has been a mix-up because she was far from perfect in her past life.

Immediately after she enters the “Good Place”, she meets its architect, Michael, played by none other than the legend Ted Danson.

A lot of drama, chaos and revelations follow over the series’ four-seasons run. The Netflix sitcom ended this year only, with its finale coming out in January. And while it wound up the story perfectly, fans (and the cast) couldn’t help getting a little emotional.

The Good Place cast discusses what it was working on the series

Show creator Michael Schur and cast members Bell, Danson, William Jackson Harper, Jameela Jamil and more indulged in a fun chat post the virtual screening.

“I was thrilled that he [Schur] started Eleanor in as low of a place he did, because when you start someone lower, a lot of people can relate to her,” Kristen Bell said.

Speaking of the finale, Jamil revealed that she “sobbed uncontrollably” as the show came to an end.

Ted Danson also added that he was feeling all that his character Michael was and more. “I found the emotional impact on me, Ted, was pretty much the same emotional impact that Michael was going through.”

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