The Jonas Brothers Startled One Of Their Fans In Cleveland

The Jonas Brother surprising their fans.

The Jonas Brothers are great at staying connected with their fans and this time they have done so by surprising a fan out on a walk in Cleveland. The trio is reportedly in town for their performance for the ‘Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular’.

The show is going to be telecast on NBC on 4 July at 8pm. Along with The Jonas Brothers, Coldplay, One Republic, The Black Pumas, and Reba McEntire are also going to perform in it. And the band also announced that Remember This tour will include Cleveland on September 22 at Blossom Music Center.

On Sunday, the Jonas Brothers, Kevin, Nick & Joe were on the road and surprised a fan by saying ,”nice shirt,” who was just passing by the car with a dog.

As they saw a fan wearing a Jonas Brothers T-shirt, they slowed down the car and called out to the fan, “Hey, nice Shirt.” The fan was stunned seeing them, as she could not believe her eyes as she saw the Jumanji star Nick Jonas complimenting her. Nick, 28, was in the front seat, whereas Kevin, 33, and Joe, 31, were in the backseat.

The fan reacted, “Oh my god.” “Oh my god, oh my god. Can I….,” She continued. To which Nick politely replied,”Yes, whatever you want.”

The fan then asked them if she could come closer to the car to click a picture and the Leave Before You Love Me singer gave an affirmative signal. Also, they complimented her pet. Nick said,“Your dog is very cute,” while she was arranging her camera position for the selfie.

The Lucky fan wished them to “have a great day” after she clicked the selfie.

Also earlier in December during quarantine, the Jonas Brothers, Joe, and Kevin were found commenting on a fan’s TikTok who was showing her obsession with the eldest JoBro Kevin on a scrapbook stuffed with information, photos and quotes. Kevin commented, “I love this so much, and also slightly scared, but I am super happy.” Joe also asked for a comment: “Wait, can we get a breakdown of ‘sexy quotes’ please?”

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