The Latest She-Hulk Trailer Introduces A Cast You Did Not Expect

The iconic female hero is all set to debut on screen!

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law recently unveiled its latest trailer and fans could not be more excited! What makes it more special is that Tatiana Maslany, the 36-year-old actress who is popular for her role in Orphan Black, will be acting in the role of Jennifer Walters or the titular heroine.

A little bit on the series

Executive producer Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios and chief creative officer of Marvel welcomed the star to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, during The Walt Disney Company’s 2022 Upfront presentation on May 17. The pair also shared details regarding the upcoming series which includes the release date and the platform of release. Apparently, the show will premiere on August 17 exclusively on Disney+.

In the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law trailer, we get a little glimpse at her initial transformation under the guidance of Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk as well as her life beyond superhero duties complete with a wacky dating life. This is also the first time that fans get a glimpse of what She-Hulk will look like on-screen.


What can we gather from the She-Hulk trailer?

The series introduces Jennifer who is going through a mid-life crisis. Due to the world being plagued with criminals, her services as a lawyer are in high demand but she is not sure whether it is something she wants to be doing for the rest of her life. She ends up meeting Bruce Banner in her soul-searching journey who experiments on her eventually turning her into a female version of the Hulk.


It is a known fact that Marvel trailers are not complete without a number of quips dominating them and of course this one is no exception. “I’m not a superhero. That’s for billionaires and narcissists. And adult orphans, for some reason,” She-Hulk can be heard saying in the trailer.

A little bit on the rest of the cast and personnel

The series will also star Tim Roth who will be reprising his role as Emil Blonsky/Abomination, the antagonist of 2008’s The Incredible Hulk (notably not starring Mark Ruffalo). The show is written by Jessica Gao and directed by Kat Coiro who is known for her award-winning short film Anu Valia.


We can’t wait for She-Hulk: Attorney at law to hit the screens later this year!

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