The New Action-Packed Black Widow Trailer And Release Date Unleashed

“I’ve lived a lot of lives!”

Marvel Studios recently launched the new Black widow trailer On Saturday. 

“You don’t know everything about me, I’ve lived a lot of lives. I made mistakes choosing between what the world wants you to be and who you are,” Scarlett Johansson’s character Natasha Romanoff says in the teaser. 

The movie will revolve around the story of the after events of Captain America: Civil War. Romanoff will be seen confronting her past and history to face the forthcoming events. 

The Black widow trailer also shows the hints towards the “unfinished business” and other secrets of Natasha Romanoff’s past before becoming an avenger. The Cate Shortland-directed picture stars Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova, William Hurt as Thaddeus Ross, and David Harbour as Alexei Shostakov and the Red Guardian.

The Black widow trailer also shows Black widow as a kid with multi-coloured hair. David Harbour’s Red Guardian is shown as a very motivating and supportive dad. He is seen saying, “My girls are the toughest girls in the world!” it is the first time that the audience has seen some flashbacks of Natasha’s childhood.

Black Widow will hit the Disney+ and theatres on July 9.

Earlier, the movie was planned to be released in May. The coronavirus pandemic caused the pushing of Black Widow’s release numerous times. The film will be screened in theatres as well as Disney+ premier access.

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The director Cate Shortland also shared the experience of the four-month shoot with the cast and crew.

“It was like being in the army,” she said. 

Cate Shortland also talked about Scarlett Johansson by saying, “She’s completely unpretentious, and that makes her really fun to be around. She’ll be joking with the best boy or the runner; there’s no hierarchy. She appreciates people, and she makes people feel appreciated.”

Black Widow will be streamed on Disney Plus for $30 with the service of Premier Access. Earlier, the marvel movie that reached theatres was the Spider-Man: Far From Home. Disney has not yet confirmed the date when Black widow will be a part of Disney’s regular subscription catalogue. 

Disney+ also announced recently that the Marvel series named The Falcon And The Winter Soldier became the most-watched series on its opening weekend. 

Have a look at the trailer of Black Widow here –

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