The Voice: Victor Solomon Surprises The Judges With His Performance

Starting off on the right note!

Victor Solomon made John Legend Turn for his own song

Victor Solomon a 22-year-old contestant of The Voice season 20 surprised the judges with his beautiful performance on the first episode of Voice which aired on Monday, 1st March. The voice earlier released a short premiere clip of Monday’s episode, and the people can clearly see the surprise and appreciation on the faces of this season’s judges that includes Nick Jonas, Blake Shelton, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson.

Victor Solomon opted for one of John Legend’s song “Glory” for his blind audition, which was originally sung for Ava DuVernay’s 2014 film “Martin Luther King” and was in collaboration with Common. As soon as Victor started singing, Shelton turned his chair to see who it is and was instantly followed by Nick and John. However, Kelly did not turn her chair for such a wonderful singer and the reason she gave for it was “When [John] turned around, I was like, I don’t have a chance here,”

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According to John, turning his chair for Victor Solomon was kind of against his rules as he said “I’ve literally, zero times, turned for someone singing my song,” John shares. “I just scrutinize it more heavily than I normally would. But [this time] I was like, I don’t need to do that! He’s doing some things that I haven’t done, that are better than what I would do with the song… He was better than me!”

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After that, the young contestant of The Voice season 20, Victor, shared that he grew up singing John’s songs and even won a talent show once by “Ordinary People” to which John proposed the idea of singing a duet and then they performed it perfectly.

“It makes me think of Jesus”: Blake Shelton

The best part of the first episode of The Voice season 20 was Blake Shelton not realising that Victor Solomon was singing a John Legend song for which he was later teased by his colleagues. Kelly Clarkson asked Blake if he knows the original singer of this song, he replied, “It makes me think of Jesus.” Later she informed him that the original writer of this song is sitting right next to her, Nick added “John, let’s just clarify, this is your Oscar-winning song.”

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Another exciting incident of Monday’s episode was the reunion of Blake Shelton and his old bandmate Pete Mroz. Pete appeared for the blind auditions on the first episode of The Voice season 20 and Blake did not recognize him at first. John Legend was the first coach to turn as Pete sang “Can’t Find My Way Home”. Just a few minutes after that Blake turned his chair and Pete pointed at him.

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However, Blake still appeared to be a little confused about the connection between him and Pete and said- “Sounds like there’s some history there. That’s normally not a good thing with me.” Soon after that, the 44-year-old singer realised that he had a band with Pete in the past, he then pitched Pete to join his team by saying, “Listen, obviously, we would have a blast if we got to work together again. No joke, I would love it,” which eventually happened.

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