The Weeknd Flaunts New Bandage Free Look In ‘Save Your Tears’ Music Video

And fans do not like what they see!

Ever wondered just why The Weeknd wore bandages? Or what the bloody face was all about? Well, it would all start making sense now.

The Weeknd just dropped the music video for Save Your Tears, debuting his heavily altered, botox filled face. We’re talking cheek and lip fillers and even a nose job.

While the song is catchy and the music video interesting, and perhaps controversial, fans couldn’t be more displeased with The Weeknd’s new look.

The Heartless singer also posted a close-up of his “new face” on Instagram, and it took the internet by storm. The memes, jokes, and comparisons on his new look were unstoppable, but fans seemed genuinely concerned.

Has The Weeknd really got plastic surgery done?

But as Daily Mail reported, and this is going to come as a huge relief to everyone, The Weeknd did not get plastic surgery done. In his recent music video, he’s only wearing face prosthetics, or as artist Mike Marino put it, “weird plastic surgery make up”.

Meanwhile, other fans feel that Abel had been trying to convey a story all this while.

In Blinding Lights, we saw him all bloodied up. Ever since the American Music Awards 2020, The Weeknd sported a look where his face was covered in bandages. And with Save Your Tears, the bandages have finally come off.

Apart from theories on his face, there are also many speculations about what the Save Your Tears music video is trying to say.

Is The Weeknd dissing the Grammys in Save Your Tears music video?

The Weeknd’s 2020 album After Hours was a massive success, and yet, it was completely snubbed in the Grammy 2021 nominations, which were announced in November.

The singer was naturally disappointed and called the Grammys “corrupt”.

Now, in the Save Your Tears video, The Weeknd is seen getting on stage, holding, and then throwing a gold trophy. Many are interpreting this as a dig at the Grammys.

Is The Weeknd’s new music video about Selena Gomez?

The Can’t Feel My Face singer’s new music video also features a female model. Fans couldn’t help but notice the resemblance she bears to The Weeknd’s ex, Selena Gomez.

“How is no one talking about how the girl looks so much like Selena G,” commented one YouTube user. “Like this song is about her if you actually listen and the video confirms it.”

“The girl has a similar hair style and earrings as Selena in her music video ‘Dance Again,'” another person wrote.

Moreover, some fans are convinced that the Canadian singer actually whispers “Selena” after he sings “Oh girl”.

Well, didn’t we tell you the music video is interesting?

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