The Woman That Survived: An Account Of The Bravery Of A Beautiful Soul – Rangoli Chandel

Meet the ‘’hero’’, Rangoli

“Shortly after this image was clicked, the guy whose proposal I refused threw one litre acid on my face, I had to go through 54 surgeries strangely and simultaneously my little sister was physically assaulted and almost beaten to death for what ?” she wrote, adding, “Cause our parents gave birth to beautiful, intelligent and confident daughters, world is not kind to girl child, time to fight all kind of social evil … so it’s safer for our children.”

How many people you know can tell such a story about their lives? 

Not many, WE Hope.  But….

The sad truth about acid attacks

We live in a world where acid attacks are more frequent than we think it is. And the victims are living lives that we cannot even imagine. 

Meet the ‘’hero’’, Rangoli

Rangoli Chandel is famous Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut’s sister. But more importantly, she is a fighter who has shown the whole country that beauty does not lie in the eye of the beholder but rather inside all of us. We determine our beauty and worth and no amount of acid thrown can change that. 

Having gone through 54 surgeries over a long period of time, she had seen the worst days of her life because of one small two-letter word, ‘no’. The beautiful young lady was not a victim of an acid attack, she was a victim of a male ego. Why the acid? Because she refused a boy’s proposal!

And now meet Rangoli’s real hero 

Rangoli shows us that no matter how bad life might seem right now, there’s always someone who loves us. Irrespective of how we are, our bad habits, our guilty pleasures and weird cravings. There are always people in our lives who care about the person that we are, not the body we possess. Not the shape of our face or the curves on our bellies. After all, isn’t love accepting someone unconditionally? 

Team LEFToye applauds the life this beautiful lady is living, inspiring so many of us to see the glass half full. 

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