“There’s Our Movie”: Sandra Bullock Addresses Keanu Reeves Dating Rumors

Reeves is a “listener” and it “drives. People.” Crazy.” 

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves worked together in the 1994 action flick Speed and sparked romance rumours shortly after. Since then, Bullock has now revealed her relationship status with Reeves while being interviewed by Esquire magazine.

On being asked if they ever dated, Bullock said, “Nope. But who knows? The actress explained why she has never dated her co-star in their almost 30 years of friendship, as well as why he meant so much to her as a friend.

According to the Esquire interview, Bullock has always said that dating Reeves may have wrecked their relationship, which is very important to her. 

In the recent interview she added that things may have worked out since Reeves is known to get along with his ex-wives.

Per The Esquire, she said: “Keanu’s a guy who, I feel like, is friends with every woman he’s ever dated. I don’t think there’s anyone who has something horrible to say about him. So maybe we could have survived. I don’t know.” However, she continued, “[W]e didn’t have to survive anything. We just get to grow up together on parallel roads and tip our hats and meet for a dinner and try to work together. And the longer time goes on, the more in awe I am of the human being. Would I have been able to say that if he had dumped me and made me angry? Probably not.”

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Bullock also recounted how Reeves once showed up at her home with Champagne and truffles so she could try them for the first time.

She said during the earlier years of their friendship, a simple conversation about Champagne and truffles came up and she divulged to Reeves that she never had the beloved treats.

“Really?” he said.

“Nope, never had ’em,” Bullock said. To her, the conversation was nothing, but a few days later, Reeves showed up at Bullock’s new house on his motorcycle, with flowers, Champagne, and truffles in hand.

“He said, ‘I just thought you might want to try Champagne and truffles, to see what it’s like,'” Bullock told Esquire.

“Bullock poured some Champagne, and they opened the truffles,” the Esquire reporter Ryan D’Agostino wrote in the profile. “Keanu put his hands out, without a word, and Bullock painted his nails black, same as hers.”

Interestingly, Bullock told Esquire that Reeves is a good guy. Reeves is a “listener” and it “drives. People.” Crazy.” 

In addition to her relationship with Reeves, Sandra Bullock proposed an idea for working on a third movie with the actor.

Bullock said she’d “love nothing more than to do a comedy with Keanu before we both die.”

“He’s funny. We can be seventy-five—it’ll be even better then, like an old-people ‘Cocoon’ thing,” she told the publication. “We play two funny old people. A road trip. Just put us in an RV as old people. It’ll be the bookend of ‘Speed’! We’ll just be driving really slowly. Pissing the world off. There’s our movie.”

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