Thor: Love And Thunder Sees The Return Of Jane Foster And Valkyrie

Love interests of Thor are back!

The recent photographs from the sets of Thor: Love and Thunder shows Natalie Portman filming a levitating scene. Natalie Portman plays the role of Jane Foster, Thor’s love interest from the first movie Thor. Marvel Studios made the announcement of Natalie’s return during Comic-Con at San Diego in 2019. The actress would be working with the Thor cast after Thor: The Dark World, however some footage of her was reused in Avengers: Endgame.

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In Thor: Love and Thunder we will see Jane Foster wielding the Mjolnir and taking on the role of Mighty Thor. This is one of the reasons why this movie is highly anticipated among fans. In the comics, Jane is diagnosed with cancer and the superpowers of Thor and Mjolnir help her fight it. But it is still uncertain whether this would be the plot of Taika Waititi’s Thor.

In the pictures from DailyMail, Portman can be seen levitating in the air in one of the scenes in Thor: Love and Thunder. She was being held by two men clad in blue from head-to-toe. One of them was holding her legs as she raised her arms. She was wearing a blue denim jacket over a grey sweatshirt with black jeans. She wore classic black sneakers and a maroon t-shirt for her astrophysicist look. Natalie was also seen carrying a brown body side bag on the sets.

Tessa Thompson, Valkyrie is seen riding Pegasus in Thor: Love and Thunder

In another set of photographs from DailyMail, Tessa Thompson was also seen on the sets of Thor: Love and Thunder. Tessa Thompson is reprising her character of Valkyrie from Thor: Ragnarok. In the recent snaps, she was seen on her horse, Pegasus in a business suit. Last time, Valkyrie rode her horse in Avengers: Endgame. She was assigned as the king of Asgard after Thor’s depression.

From the pictures it can be said that Thompson would be riding her Pegasus in Asgard due to the blue CGI backdrop as hinted by Screenrant. Her current attire is entirely different from her usual God armor. She is now in a striped black power suit with a dotted crimson tie and white shirt. Thompson’s hair were in a braided bun with some strands falling out. She also had some rings and ear cuffs on her.

Valkyrie riding Pegasus also hints that she hasn’t given up her mantle as a warrior even after being the king. This also hints that maybe she will help Thor in defeating Gorr, the God Butcher played by Christian Bale. However, her wearing a suit may also have a high possibility of her role on Earth.

Well, all of these theories would be tested true once Thor: Love and Thunder is released.

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