Tik-Tok, Cleaning Sprees, Indulging In Family Time- How Celebs Are Coping With Their Coronavirus Quarantine

They are making staying at home look really fun!

With the number of positive coronavirus cases crossing 125,000 worldwide, governments are requesting people to stay home as much as possible, away from even mildly crowded areas to avoid the slightest chance of contracting the virus. But being on your own, with little or no social interaction is easier said than done- with even our favorites shows halting their productions, there is only so much Netflix binging we can rely on. Thankfully, our celebs, who have already embraced self-isolation, have been making staying at home look really fun! 

So, for those hunting for ideas on how to keep boredom at bay while staying at home and not letting coronavirus get the upper hand, we have compiled a list of what your favorite celebrities are up to:

  • Olivia Culpo and her episodes of “My Family is Stuck in the House With Me”

Armed with her trusty disinfectant, fashion influencer Olivia Culpo is cleaning every inch of her kitchen, as her boyfriend NFL star Christian McCaffrey looks on, baffled by her crazy vibes! 

  • Jessica Alba still got her awe-worthy dance moves!

Alba has taken to TikTok-ing her time as she made a video of her and her daughter, Haven Warren, 8, showcasing stellar moves to the 2011 song “Knock Knock.”

Accompanied by her pets, she has advised others to observe the same so as to be safe from coronavirus and “and not hang out with people over 65 and in large groups” in case you may have it.

  • Priyanka Chopra is observing a similar haven at home with Gino Jonas, her dog…

…who is busy giving his mommy some precious hugs!

As people continue to gather in large numbers, paying little heed to the chance of both contracting and spreading the pandemic, Swift has advised her followers to make “social sacrifices.”

  • Forever the workaholic Mindy Kaling is busy working from home

Finding the idea of not working for a few days unacceptable? You have comedian Mindy Kaling and her home-turned-office-for-now as motivation.

Something tells us that her mantra will be quickly embraced by many- “Hot shower, cozy PJs, a hair mask, tequila and this mantra: Keep Calm.”

  • It is family time for Ashley Graham!

Enjoying family time with her toddlers Justin and Issac, Ashley has also advised people to beat coronavirus by taking “care of your mental health” owing to the extended social isolation and “remain positive, level-headed, calm.”

Away from their busy schedules, the couple is busy building some impressive Lego models.

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