Tom Cruise Watches Tenet In The Theatre& Vlogs The Whole Experience

Are you ready for Nolan’s Tenet?

Twitter was greeted with a huge surprise from Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise this afternoon. The world is slowly trying to open up and Christopher Nolan’s movie is one of the first big-budget films that is going with a big-screen release. Early reviews were coming in, but suddenly, news reading ‘Tom Cruise watches Tenet in a movie theatre’ hit the world. How? When? We’ve got you covered!

Tom Cruise watches Tenet and captions the experience ‘Big Movie. Big Screen. Loved it:’

From what looks like an enthusiastic day, Tom Cruise went to watch Tenet on the big screen earlier today. The video he posted shows the megastar following all rules of social distancing and wearing a mask at all times. Tenet is yet to be released, however, special screenings of the same are on and this is where Cruise found himself in the audience.

Tenet all set to hit the big screens in the first week of September!

Tenet is all set to release on 3rd September r. It is, however, not a pan US release. Only certain territories have opened up their theatres and the others are still waiting for the number of Covid-19 cases to go down. This has also spiked a debate among Nolan fans. Some of them are upset that they will not be able to see the movie on the big screen and will get flooded with spoilers on social media. The early reviews of the movie look promising. The fact that Tom Cruise watched Tenet despite the risk factors, shows how enthusiastically the movie is being awaited.

In a recent interview, Jason Kilar, the CEO of Warner Media said, “We believe in the theatrical business. We’re excited to partner with Chris Nolan to get Tenet out in theaters first and foremost. And then of course, it will be in another formats, in other venues, that are not theatrical. But I think, if you look at our behavior, we’re believers in the theatrical experience and are also of course in very close communication with everyone in the exhibition industry, about the topic of windows and about how we can collectively serve consumers in the best way possible going forward…So I know it’s a pretty provocative topic, and I get that and it’s very understandable. But at the end of the day, I’m excited about it, and I’m leaning into it.”

Masks during a movie? Definitely the new normal!

We can clearly see how happy and lively theatres look as Tom Cruise watches Tenet among many other Christopher Nolan fans. His video has also shown us a sneak peek into what movie watching in the pandemic world looks like: Masks on, alternative seating, social distancing!

Are you ready for Nolan’s Tenet?

Cover Image Source: Twitter

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