Tom Cruise’s COVID Rant Was A Publicity Stunt, Says Leah Remini

The actress calls him an “abusive dictator”

Tom Cruise’s COVID rant has been making headlines for a while now. While many stars came to his defense saying the outburst was for a good cause, others weren’t particularly in favour of the way the Hollywood actor spoke.

But Leah Remini is of an entirely different opinion. In a post for the anti-Scientology blog, The Underground Bunk, the actress wrote that Tom Cruise’s COVID outburst was nothing but a publicity stunt.

“Tom does not care about the families of his crew; this is all for publicity,” Leah Remini wrote in her essay. “Tom does not believe in family values. I mean, how anyone is falling for this is just mind-blowing. I would bet that Tom had this rant written for him and had his Scientology assistant record and release it.”

“Hearing a rich actor with enormous power address his crew in this way is a sign of weakness and a deeply troubled person…. Tom has a history of being abusive to his inner circle, including the abuse of neglecting his own daughter, Suri.”

Tom Cruise’s curse-filled tirade came when he saw crew members violating COVID-19 regulations on the set of Mission Impossible 7. He threatened to fire them if they repeated this behavior. Reportedly, he even hurled abuses at Warner Bros. staff, saying that the movie was “creating thousands of jobs,” and that crew members should observe precautions.

But Leah Remini made it clear in her blog that she would not have it.

“Tom seems to think that Hollywood is incapable of making films without his help. Saying such a thing indicates the godlike figure Tom believes he is, and what he is told by Scientology,” she penned.

“The reality is, anyone who is working in Hollywood today is working under strict COVID guidelines. Anyone who is working knows this. Tom Cruise is not dictating how films are being made, even if he seems to think so.”

Tom Cruise’s COVID rant shows his “true personality”, says Leah Remini

“He [Tom Cruise] is an abusive person,” Leah wrote in the piece. “I witnessed it, I’ve been a recipient of it on a small level, and I’ve been told of similar abuse by his former girlfriend, his employees, and his friends.”

“This is the real Tom. This was the same reaction Tom gave his household staff when they did not have the right ingredients for him to make chocolate chip cookies. This is the same type of tirade Tom launched into when an assistant had the audacity to serve him a drink in a chipped mug.”

“As a producer and the lead of a film, Tom addressing his crew in this manner is a clear indication that he is used to abusing his power.” Leah further went on to call the 58-year-old actor an “abusive dictator” and the current incident one of his “psychotic rants.”

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“Imagine if this were a woman. She would be called a lunatic,” she added.

To all the people supporting Tom Cruise’s COVID rant, Leah urged them to rethink their stance. “This is not just a guy in the middle of a public place standing up to someone for not wearing a mask. This is Tom friggin’ Cruise wielding his power and threatening and degrading his crew.”

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