Tom Holland And Anthony Mackie’s Banter Continues On Twitter

Anthony Mackie: 2 Tom Holland: 1

Not that we are keeping score of the friendly banter between Tom Holland and Anthony Mackie, we have to say that the new Captain America has now got an upper hand at the new Spiderman. Anthony Mackie and Tom Holland had been in a friendly banter since 2016’s Captain America: Civil War where they both made fun of each other during the press tours. Mackie always made fun of the young actor for being a “diva” on the sets as he always had “juice boxes” by his side. It was always fun until Tom Holland gave an epic comeback to the Avenger. In 2018 Holland asked him why he hadn’t seen a Falco movie, to which the Spiderman replied to himself because “it doesn’t exist”.

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This gave Tom Holland a score against Anthony Mackie. But Holland’s happiness was short lived as currently with the release of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier fans see that Mackie had taken upon the role of the new Captain America. This had led to a high rise in ranks for the character. He would also be starring in Captain America 4 as the new America’s favorite. After this rise of ranks, Marvel fans remembered Holland’s comment and asked his opinion. Joining the fun, Anthony Mackie also took it to his Twitter to give a comeback to Holland. He posted a video of himself in the new suit and captioned it, “Pulling up to #TOMHOLLAND house like… #Spideybuddy.”

Anthony Mackie Wins Over Tom Holland As New Captain America

Anthony Mackie’s character Falcon was given the Captain America shield by Chris Evans’ character Steve Rogers in Avengers: Endgame. This led to him on the journey to accept himself as the new Captain America in Disney+ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He along with Roger’s best friend Bucky Barnes played by Sebastian Stan has been assigned as the new leader of Avengers in the finale episode.

Anthony Mackie and Tom Holland had been one of the favorite off-screen duos of the Marvel fans. They both had done a significant amount of movies in the MCU. Holland had starred in a total of five Marve movies including three individual Spiderman franchise movies. He is currently working on Spider-Man: No Way Home. In the same way, Mackie had been in six Marvel movies and now has his own series. He is also being rumored to star in Captain Ameria 4, which will be developed by Falcon and the Winter Soldier showrunner Malcolm Spellman.

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This little banter between Tom Holland and Anthony Mackie seems also good in the MCU timeline. Spiderman is basically Ironman’s intern and after Stark went they will be a need of a new Ironman. Mackie, who has already taken upon the role of Captain America, can be a nemesis to him continuing the long battle between Ironman and Captain America.

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