Tom Holland Spider-Man 3 Costume Revealed In A GIF!?

Or Has Tom Spoiled The Secret Again?

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Costume for the upcoming third instalment in his series has been a complete mystery to fans, but it seems like a look at the new costume has been leaked by the Spidy himself, Tom Holland.

Tom Holland took to his Instagram to share a GIF of him doing a funny dance wearing the Spidy costume, at first glance, it might seem as Tom has leaked the costume intentionally or by being his usual clumsy self but upon further inspection, it becomes clear that the costume is from the set of his first solo movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming, apparent in the classic colour pattern of red and blue along with the black latex stitching along the waist and boots. Tom Holland can be seen standing in front of a green screen while a crew-member was making sure the scene was right. While this 2 second looped blurry GIF might seem like nothing for some, it went viral among Marvel fans.

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man suit changed in the sequel- ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ where Peter crafts his own suit in a unique red and black pattern, signifying Peter’s character growth to becoming more independent and carrying the flame of Tony Stark inside of him.

Tom Holland updated fans when he posted a story confirming that he has the script for the un-named Spider-Man 3 movie, along with the news of the cast consisting of Zendaya and Jacob Batalon arriving in Atlanta city to begin the shoot for the film made fans think that the costume was for the third instalment which is dated to release in 2021.

Tom Holland also lent the responsibility of Spider-Man costume and the powers to a young heart transplant patient in a heart-touching video.

In the video which was filmed to look more like a big-budget trailer, Tom goes to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta where he hands on the mask of Spider-man to Jeremy, the heart transplant patient. Whereon young Jeremy puts on the Spidy costume and gets right into the web-slinging action. The video/trailer ends with Jeremy doing the iconic upside-down Spider-Man pose with the title of the video being revealed to be ‘Spider-Jerry: Close to Home’.

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