Tom Holland Talks About Cherry And Quite A Lot Of Things

The Marvel Star Talks About His Movies And His Spiderman Mask

Tom Holland, the English actor, began his acting career with Billy Elliot The Musical and rose to popularity for his role in MCU’s Spider-man series. Holland reveals details on the experiences he gained from his latest movie Cherry and answers some hilarious questions in his interview with USA Today. He starts the interview by saying how much he loves the Russos and admires them as filmmakers. Tom Holland says,” It was a pretty easy decision you know working with the Russos again a film that is something I’m really excited about so it’s a bit of a win-win”

Then he moved on to talk about his co-star Sierra Bravo. Tom Holland mentioned how admirable her acting style was when he watched her audition tape. He jokingly said, “I suddenly thought like wow this girl is going to act me off the screen and people are going to forget about me”. As funny as it was, it was probably a concern in the beginning.

According to Tom Holland, this movie was where he was able to showcase his acting range. He stated, ” I’m really proud of what I achieved and I feel like I did the best job I could. I left everything on the field”. 

Does the Spider-man mask act as a PPE?

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Later Brian Truitt asks Holland a chucklesome question, “Does Spidey’s mask count as PPE, or do you have another mask?” to which Tom Holland as a joke remarks, “No, the Spider-man mask does not count as PPE, so I have to wear two masks and they have to just paint it out”.

That’s obviously not true, Holland explains, “We have a light system a blue and yellow system. When the blue light is off the actors are allowed to take their masks off (to obviously perform) and when the yellow light comes on we have to put our masks back on and then leave the set”. Tom Holland also mentions the different kinds of movies he’d love to be in including courtroom dramas like Tom Cruise’s A Few Good Men. 

When you finish up Spider-man what do you want to take with you?

Finally, before wrapping you Truitt asks Holland what is his dream thing he wanted to take from the Spider-man set. Holland quite seriously replied, “I have so much that I’ve already taken just from being able to watch the film because it’s all up here(in his mind), But if Sony and Marvel don’t let me take the Spider-man suits home I am going to steal them. I’m just going to walk out in them, I’m going to wear all of them at the same time and I’m gonna walk out and be like if you want them you have to come and take them off me.” Let’s just say Tom just knows how to keep people entertained!

Check out their fun conversation here:

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