Tom Holland’s Audition For Spider-Man Reveals What It Feels Like To Be a Marvel Hero

Why was Tom Holland selected to play the Spider-Man?

Tom Holland’s Audition video has gone viral lately where we get to know how he got selected for the role of Spider-Man. The statements of Eric Carroll and Amy Pascal reveal why Tom Holland was perfect for the role. Later in the video, there are statements from the Iron Man, Robert Downey Junior about Tom Holland and how he adapted quickly in the shoes of the character. The video also features Chris Evans in one of the most heroic scenes of the Civil War. Eric Carroll, the executive producer of Spider-Man: Homecoming, begins by stating how there was a vast search involved for the role as significant as that of Spider-Man. The team had to watch 7500 tapes for this role. In the interview, Tom Holland mentions the long process of recording self-tapes, sending them, and waiting for the next one. The video has multiple shots of Tom performing in-front of the camera. Amy Pascal, the producer of the film, states that they met around 200 boys for the role and most of them did great in their auditions. 

Why was Tom Holland selected to play the Spider-Man?

Amy said that she felt Tom was different from everyone else. One of the officials has said in the video that Tom Holland’s audition was energetic, real, grounded and full of attitude that made him start above every contender on the list. The viral audition video also has Iron Man; he says that he met Tom when he was in the final run of the selection process. The officials said that it would be terrifying for anyone to walk into a room with their childhood idols and perform with ease. The video has a famous scene from the Civil War when Captain America and Spider-Man meet for the first time. 

The advantage, as claimed by officials, why Tom got an edge over the others, was his capability to do standing back-flips apart from being an excellent actor. Tom Holland’s audition and his road to becoming the Spider-Man is an interesting one. In one of the reality shows, he revealed he got to know that he was selected for the role first through Instagram, and then the officials called him. 

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