Travis Barker’s Daughter Is A Fan Of Kanye West More Than Anything

Alabama and Landon are not in Kim’s good graces and the feelings are mutual!

Travis Barker’s daughter Alabama recently took to her Instagram Story to share what she is currently listening to and as fate would’ve had it, it turned out to be a Kanye West song! She seemed to have been having a great time enjoying Ye’s “Runaway” from his album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. 

Travis Barker’s children meet the Kardashians

Recently, Alabama, her brother Landon, and their elder half-sister Atiana De La Hoya (Shanna Moakler and Oscar De La Hoya’s daughter) joined the Kardashian family as they made an appearance on the latest Hulu series The Kardashians.


Kris Jenner introduced them to her daughters while sitting together. “Meet your new brothers and sisters,” she said. To which Kim exasperatedly replied, “They’re not our brothers and sisters.” “They’re my nieces and nephews,” added Khloe. “So uh, do you guys think you have the coolest aunts? Or what? Who’s your favorite aunt?” Kim asked the teens. This seriously put the teens in an awkward position as Barker looked away and sipped on his drink. She fixed her fake eyelashes covering her face out of embarrassment.


Khloe and Kris also joked that Landon might be gifted a Beverly Hills condo as his “welcome gift” into the family since he just turned 18. This must’ve made him even more awkward as he didn’t speak a word and quietly sipped on his drink.

However, Travis Barker’s daughter sharing her favorite Kanye West song isn’t the first time that his kids expressed disappointment regarding him marrying into the Kardashian family. And both Alabama and Landon seem quite unimpressed by Kim in particular.


Travis Barker’s son is also a Kanye West fanboy

Previously, Barker’s son Landon took to his TikTok to flaunt his dance and lip-syncing skills by rapping along to Kanye’s Runaway, the song which his sister adored so much.


Obviously, fans jumped to her comment sections to express their opinions about how Travis Barker’s son might be stirring issues for himself in the future by openly admitting to supporting Kanye West who is in the midst of a tumultuous divorce with his ex-wife, SKIMS mogul Kim Kardashian. Especially since his father is soon to marry Kim’s sister Kourtney.

“Auntie Kim is not gonna like this,” wrote one fan. “Auntie Kim & Uncle Pete just took you off the Christmas list for using this sound,” another added. “So Kim is not your favorite auntie, I guess,” commented another fan.

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