Viola Davis And Her Daughter Genesis Turn Muse For Director Regina King

Viola Davis and her family brought filmmaker Regina King’s vision to life!

Viola Davis and her family become a part of a photo essay named “Black Americana” for W Magazine

Viola Davis, her husband Julius Tennon and daughter Genesis Tennon came together for a photo essay named “Black Americana: A Photo Essay on Love and Pain” for W Magazine. The photo essay is directed by Oscar winner filmmaker Regina King. The project was photographed by Andre D. Wagner and styled by Ruth E. Carter in the historic West Adams neighborhood of Los Angeles.

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The storyline behind the photo essay is quite intriguing. It begins with a family of three spending quality time together on a Saturday afternoon, after which the husband and wife head out for a night out. The next morning, they go to a church together and come back home to a tragic phone call which has a great impact on their life.

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When asked about their take on the photoshoot, Regina King responded, “I don’t think any of us are particularly happy with the state of America, but we still embrace the fact that we are Black Americans, even with all of the things that happened in history.”

She further adds, “As an actor, I was paying attention and not really knowing why I was paying attention- why I would stay behind, why I would be on set when it wasn’t even my scene. I didn’t really know why then, but I know now.”

While Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom star says, “There’s a life beyond the tragedy, there’s a life even within the tragedy, and there was a life before the tragedy. That you can be experiencing moments of joy when tragedy comes in and invades your life, and then it melts into something else- we understand that about life in general, but not always with Black folks in it.”

Viola Davis, 55, adds, “This is the first time I’ve ever done a photoshoot like this.”

On Monday, the Oscar winning actor gave a glimpse of the shoot on her Instagram. She shared a picture with her husband and daughter and captioned it, “The best photoshoot of my life. Julius, Genesis and I are so grateful to receive the overflow for your artistry @ReginaKing. Love you.”

The Oscar winner actor and her husband Julius Tennon tied the knot in 2003 and adopted their daughter Genesis Tennon in the year 2011.

Regina King remembers the adorable moments she spent with Viola Davis’ daughter Genesis during the photoshoot

When asked about her experience working with Viola Davis’ family, Oscar winner filmmaker Regina King remembers Genesis calling her a “legend”. Genesis says, “I’m talking to a legend right now. What would you like me to call you?” To which Regina replies, “Your mom is a legend” and adds “you can call me whatever your mom wants you to call me. By the end of this, you’ll be calling me Auntie Regina!”

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