Warrior Workouts Are The Secret To Jason Momoa’s Physique

Jason Momoa is not on a Keto Diet.

Warrior workouts are the secret ingredient of Jason Momoa’s physique revealed the Aquaman’s Trainer and Recovery Therapist, Damian Viera. But it is not the only workout Jason focuses on for his physique.

In a recent talk with trainer Damian Viera at his Toronto residence, he talked about his experience working with Aquaman, Jason Momoa. Viera said that he focuses on avoiding injuries while performing stunts during the shooting. With his vast experience in film, production, and crew, schedules rely on Momoa’s sound health and form.

“When it comes to preparing Jason, we see these stunts well in advance in the scripts. It’s a matter of deconstructing the stunts and putting the body into that space, that framework. The more often you put the body in that space, with that stress, the more comfortable it becomes—the body itself evolves,” Damian said.

“If you visualize the way a samurai moves—he’s deep in his base stance, and the movement goes from his legs upward through his body, until finally the tip of the sword does the cutting. The sword is the final expression, but the movement actually begins at the feet. So, the more Jason’s body can assimilate the stress of that low posture and movement, the faster he can recover and the harder he can push his body. We analyze what he’ll need to do in the future and we train for that in the present,” the trainer said on Jason Momoa’s training for the role of blind samurai in the second season of See.

For maintaining the heroic physique like Khal Drago, the workout of Jason Momoa mostly includes Bulgarian Squats, Kettlebell Work, Power Training with Medicine Balls, Rock Climbing, and Wu-Tang Yoga.

Jason Momoa’s Diet Plan

Trainer Damian Viera also revealed that Jason Momoa is not on Paleo or Keto Diet. Talking about his diet plan he said:

“With Jason, he’s not trying to lose weight. He already operates between 15 to18 percent body fat. So, from there, I know we can get to our ideal 10 percent in about two or three weeks.” Carbs are a very important part of the nutrition used for fuel. Jason couldn’t do something like a ketogenic diet, because he needs readily charged energy from carbs to be explosive. And when I say carbs, I’m not talking about breads and pastas—those are long gone. I’m talking about cruciferous vegetables and fruits. You can’t train the way we do with fat for fuel; you need the carbs for explosive movements.”

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