We Are Sure You Didn’t Know These Facts About The Friends Cast

Some interesting pointers for your Friends trivia!

After the Friends reunion, we bet you did discover some new facts about the whole cast. But there are more interesting stories that are being unfolded after the episode. Whether it may be an improvisation at the altar scene, a small cute crush that led to iconic chemistry, or an underwear commercial from the whole cast. The Friends TV show ran for 10 years and the whole cast won over the hearts of the audience.

1. David Schwimmer accidentally gave inspiration for the “I take thee, Rachel” scene

We all remember the epic scene when Ross said the wrong name at the altar and ended his second marriage. At the end of season 4, David Schwimmer, who played Ross in the show, was in London to marry his current girlfriend Emily. Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston, arrived at the wedding last minute to confess her love for Ross. But she couldn’t do it due to the ongoing wedding and it somehow affected Ross and resulted from him saying, “I take thee, Rachel,” instead of “I take thee, Emily…”.

As told by one of the writers of Friends that this was not at all planned!

Yes, a fan uploaded an Instagram video where the writer said, “We never knew how it was going to end. We struggled with it, we couldn’t figure it out. And then there was one time, at a taping, where David Schwimmer walked in the room. What he was supposed to say was ‘I have the cab waiting downstairs Emily’. But he walked in and said ‘I have the cab waiting, Rachel’. Schwimmer apologized, ‘Shoot, sorry, let me start again.’ And then he ran out, we kind of went, that’s how it should happen”.

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2. Director Ben Winston Knew About The Little Crush of David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston

In the Friends reunion, we saw David Schwimmer revealing the fact that she and Aniston were crushing on each other throughout the show. But while the show was being aired no one had a clue about these two. Although, director Ben Winston got a whiff of their best-kept secret by chance.

“The first season, we—I had a major crush on Jen. And I think we both—,” Schwimmer explained. Aniston interjected, “It was reciprocated.” He then went onto say, “At some point, we were both crushing hard on each other, but it was like two ships passing because one of us was always in a relationship and we never crossed that boundary. We respected that.”

Well, director Ben Winston found out about these two when the Friends show reunion was delayed back in March 2020 due to the pandemic. Ben got a lot of time to prepare for the show and talk to the cast members individually. During the zoom calls, he learned about the little affair between the onscreen duo.

“The thing with David and Jen — in one of the conversations I had with David in the last year, he had mentioned it to me. And I was like, ‘Well, would you be prepared to talk about it on the show?’ And he was like, ‘I don’t know. Let’s just see how we go.’ So I did know of it. So, the question was put in there hoping that they would answer it.”

“And chatting with David, who told me the story you mentioned, and then I had a chat with Jen and asked if it was true and she felt the same when she said yes,” he recalled.

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3. An Almost Naked Commerical By Friends Cast To Increase Views

The Friends show cast did a lot of things together and adding to their list is an underwear commercial. Yes, you heard that right. The actors did a hilarious commercial at the starting of the show to bring in more audience. In a video surfacing online by a fan page, we see a banned commercial from 1994 featuring the cast of the Friends show.

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At the starting of the commercial, we see the girls introducing their characters seductively. And when it comes to Courteney Cox, who plays Monica Geller, she says “I’m not doing this. No, this is a shameless exploitive attempt to get people to watch our show.” Cutting her off, Matthew Perry comes forward and tells about the show. To which she again says dejectedly, “They have got us in our underwear, we are never gonna be in our underwear.” Then takes a pause and asks the crew, “We’re not gonna be in our underwear. Are we?”

In the next part, we see the Friends cast come together for a black and white commercial in their underwear again. And yes, again, Cox is against the plot, but this time she hilariously makes a comment saying, “Every time we deliver a message to America, we have to do it without our clothes? It’s degrading. I’m not doing this”. But when she gets informed by Lisa Kudrow that they are in between the top two shows, she hurriedly asks Matt LeBlanc (who plays Joey) to unzip her dress.

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