Who Is Alice Cooper: The Shock Rock Icon Of The 1970s Who Turns 72 Today?

He is always going to be one of a kind

Some music legends remain with us, far beyond their age and time. They create music that seamlessly seeps through our veins and gets etched in our hearts. Rock music fans would know, the music cult God Alice Cooper is one of a kind. Be it his music, his personal life or his on-stage persona, the musician has always had a mysterious vibe around him. As he turns 72 years old today, let’s remember this shock rock legend!

What’s with the name? 

Alice Cooper might look like a name that is regular but it has a rather interesting story behind it. The name came out of an Ouija Board reading. Yup, a very unconventional way but what can we say, these rock artists are pretty unpredictable and unique in their own way! 

What’s the famous chicken story around him? 

So some people have roses thrown at them in concerts. Alice Cooper, however, once had a live chicken thrown at him while he was doing a concert show at the Toronto Peace Festival. While performing when someone threw a chicken on him, he thought that it can fly and thus he pushed it in the air and BAM! The chicken landed in the middle of the audience with blood oozing out from everywhere. Ahem, intense!

We told you, the guy has some very mysterious aura around him. 

Did he have pets? Umm! 

The music legend did not settle for anything mainstream, even when it comes to his choice of a companion. He had a snake for a pet that was called Julius Squeezer. We have also seen Julius Squeezer make an appearance on stage during concerts. Unfortunately, the might snake met its fatal end when it was bitten by a rat. Oops. Not the ending you were expecting, right? 

What about his on-stage personality?

Coming to an Alice Cooper concert meant walking into a horror story. The band capitalized on his image as the dark guy and stints like live snakes, electric chairs, corpses, lighting, etc. were bought in on the stage to leave the audience awestruck.  Plus, the get-up and makeup? God! 

You may like Alice Cooper, you may dislike him, but you just couldn’t ignore him!  Going to his concert is a once in a lifetime experience!

You would have realized by now that the man had a life story that beats the plot of a lot of famous movies. His life is full of instances that make him stand out and as he gets older, he is aging like fine wine. There can never be a second Alice Cooper, he is always going to be one of a kind. Happy Birthday, you mindblowing legend! 

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