Here’s Why Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid’s Daughter Was Named Khai

All your questions answered!

In case you missed it, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid’s daughter has been named Khai, and the new mum announced it in the most interesting way.

On January 21, Gigi subtly changed her Instagram bio to “Khai’s mom,” revealing the name of her firstborn after a wait of four long months.

Now, an insider has shared why the duo named their daughter Khai. As it turns out, there was also a reason why they waited for four months to share their baby girl’s name.

The reason behind Gigi Hadid’s daughter’s name

Fans have been speculating the meaning of Gigi Hadid’s daughter’s name ever since it was revealed.

Khai reportedly means the chosen one or royalty in Arabic, and even goes well with Zayn’s surname, ‘Malik’, which means ‘king’. But wait, there’s more to why Zayn and Gigi chose this beautiful name.

“It’s not a huge surprise that Gigi decided to name her daughter ‘Khai’ because she chose that name in honor of her grandmother, Khairiah, who is the mother of her dad, Mohamed,” a source told HollywoodLife.

Bella [Hadid]‘s middle name is Khair so it’s sort of become a family tradition and a way to tribute their loved one. Also knowing that her grandmother came from royalty, it seemed fitting since Zayn’s last name means ‘king’,” they went on to say.

As for why the couple waited till January 21 to announce the name, the source said, “January 21st also held significance as to why it was such an important day to reveal Khai’s name. It’s considered a lucky day because it’s a palindrome when the calendar numbers ‘12121’ are written out so it seemed like the perfect time for them to share her name with the world.”

So thoughtful!

Meanwhile, Mohamed Hadid wants to pass on this heirloom to Gigi Hadid’s daughter

Gigi Hadid recently shared a stunning snapshot on her Instagram Stories where she was seen wearing an oversized black coat belonging to her father, Mohamed Hadid.

Mohamed, 72, posted the photo from his Instagram handle, expressing how he wishes the coat is passed on to Gigi Hadid’s daughter next.

“Your Babba’s 50 years Old coat passed on to you and Inshallah to baby K next,” he wrote.

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