Why Is the Internet Being So Hard On Eva Mendes For Being Open About Her Parenting Duties with Ryan Gosling?

The internet can go easy on her, please?

There’s no refuting this one: Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are notoriously guarded about their private lives—for reasons best known to them. And, TBH, there’s not much to rant—it’s their choice, really. But, for a change, when Eva decided to give a peek into her Quarantine life, which doesn’t seem very different from ours, the Hitch star seemed to have drawn mammoth cyber wrath from fans who felt she was stealing Gosling’s thunder by focusing on how she’s been going great lengths to step up her game as a parent—losing sleep while curating her young daughter’s birthday bash. “Stayed up laaate trying to make my baby’s 4th birthday extra special since she won’t see the family,’ she wrote on IG, which amassed criticism in no time. 

For the uninitiated; her recent post on Wednesday gave out a vibe that the “tired mom” was trying to steal Ryan Gosling’s thunder—for making it seem like she’s shouldering the major chunk of parenting duties of their daughters. Unsurprisingly, it irked a volley of fans who thumbed their noses and made their annoyance known. “Respect for the dads holding it down!” opined a fan. “Stop assuming it’s always the female that carries all the home’s work load” snapped another. 

Despite fans dissing her without really getting the point (Which she eventually clarified); Eva maintained her calm and retorted back like a Queen-like really. 

“I just figured most people on my page are moms. But of course, to all dads and all caregivers!” she wrote. “(I was on 3 hours sleep when I wrote this surprised I made any sense at all). Sending love to dads who are putting in the work!!! Have a great day!”

Eva further elaborated on why she chose to focus on “moms” because most of her followers were women. “Sorry, but it’s mostly women who follow me on this page. I like to connect to women. It’s just my nature. I’m a girl’s girl,” she wrote. “Has absolutely nothing to do with ‘stereotyping.’… Sending love to you, to all the tired papas and all the tired caregivers from this tired mama.” 

Eva who has always been clear about setting boundaries has time and again reiterated that she treasures her privacy—and that of her family’s—a lot more than most people get it.  

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are inching towards a decade of togetherness (they’ve been together for 8 years, now.) and are parents to two girls Esmeralda Amada, 5, and Amada Lee, 4.  

Everyone’s quarantining and things are far from easy, but we’d like to give it to Eva for slaying her mom duties—and offering inspo to millions of her fans globe over. The internet can go easy on her, please? We are all trying.

Image Sources: Instagram

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