Why Michael Bay Was Reluctant To Cast Kate Beckinsale In Pearl Harbor

That’s an odd reason

It’s been over two decades since Pearl Harbor was released, however, Kate Beckinsale, who plays the charming nurse in the movie, was almost left out of the cast by director Michael Bay for some absurd reasons!

During a 2016 interview for the Roll Recall series, Kate Beckinsale revealed that Michael Bay was initially reluctant to cast Kate Beckinsale in his movies. She explained-

“I think he was very alarmed because I wasn’t blond and my b***s weren’t bigger than my head, I didn’t make sense to him as an attractive woman”

These comments may come off as insulting to anyone right off the bat, but Kate Beckinsale further added that she did not “take that really personally”-

“So there was a lot of panic and concern over ‘how on earth are we gonna make her attractive?’ You’d think you’d take that really personally, but I sort of managed not to. It’s so extreme I kind of didn’t.”

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Pearl Harbor is a 2001 American romance/drama war film directed and produced by Michael Bay. The movie fared well commercially, with a $59 million opening weekend and generating almost $450 million worldwide. It did not, however, receive praise from critics and in fact was criticized by the same, who shunned its story, ‘unnecessary’ long runtime and other various aspects of the movie. The cast featured notable names such as Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett and Kate Beckinsale to name a few.

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Pearl Harbor was Kate Beckinsale’s shot to fame, she had previously starred in art house films such as Cold Comfort Farm(1995) and Emma(1996). A movie with such as massive funding ( $140 million) was something Beckinsale had never seen before-

“I’d never seen a movie on that scale before and I really wasn’t prepared for it. There were four units going at once, there was diet plans and exercise regimens that [were] really punishing. [They] really baffled me because I couldn’t understand why a ’40s nurse needed to work out that much. It was just a whole different situation.”

2001’s Pearl Harbor is currently up for streaming on Amazon Prime, in case you want to watch the movie again!

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