World’s Youngest PM, Sanna Marin Wins Hearts With A Tweet, Shares How “Extremely Proud Of Finland” She Is

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This year December came with much more than the mere beginnings of another cycle of 365 days. This time it came with the promise that we are indeed moving towards assuming the status of being a developed country, which includes empowered women as well. Earlier this month, Finland appointed its Prime Minister- Sanna Marin, who is the youngest PM in the world! And her recent tweet proves that there couldn’t have been a better person than her to assume the important post she is at.

Sanna Marin grew up in a poor family, in which she was the first person to finish high school. She worked as a sales assistant before going to university and embarking on a political career. Picking on this detail of her life, Mart Helme, 70, Estonia’s Interior Minister, called her a “sales girl” on his party’s radio talk-show.

“Now we see how one sales girl has become a prime minister and how some other street activists and non-educated people have also joined the cabinet,” he said.

But instead of taking offence, Sanna Marin simply took to Twitter to say how “extremely proud of Finland” she is: 

“I am extremely proud of Finland. Here, a child from a poor family can get educated and achieve many things in their lives. The cashier of a shop can become a prime minister. Without the Danube, Finland would not survive. I appreciate the work of every employee, practitioner and entrepreneur!” she wrote.

Her tweet went viral and garnered over 1.7K retweets and 16.9K likes with fans praising her for her brilliant reply to the offensive comments. While one praised her for not getting “offended by old jorinas”, another applauded her tweet, saying it was “the best way to salt the improper throw.” 

“I wholeheartedly agree! Prime Minister Sanna could teach many so-called statesmen, men & women, all around the world what it is to be a good leader for all folks, not just the powerful or bourgeoisie,” read another post.

After being slammed for his controversial remarks Helme has apologized for the same

While stressing that he intended to “acknowledge that it is possible to work oneself up from a low social level also into top politics”, he offered his apology to Sanna Marin. Estonia’s President Kaljulaid has also apologized to Marin as she too was “embarrassed” by Helme’s remarks.

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