Yasmin Karachiwala REVEALS Best Home Workout Exercises While You Quarantine!

It’s coming from the fitness queen herself!

Yasmin Karachiwala is a Pilates trained instructor who also happens to be the trainer of some of your favourite Bollywood actresses including Sara Ali Khan, Vaani Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. She recently took to her Instagram and gave out a small tutorial on how to pull off a perfect home workout during quarantine!

Home Workout #1: Double Pulse Squats 

Squats is one of the most celebrated exercises in the world that work on your lower body and core incredibly. While in the gym, people often pair squats with weights, but Yasmin Karachiwala here tells us that they can be really effective even without weights. Go down in squat position twice and then come up: basically, down down up! Do this for about 20 seconds. 

Home Workout #2: Hover Pose 

Are workouts even fun if they’re not challenging? Because this exercise is really going to test your stamina and strength. Go down on the floor and put your knees and foot on the ground while holding your back straight with your arm’s support to the ground. Now lift up your knees and curl your foot a little and HOLD! Make sure that your posture is correct: hands and back need to be super straight, no bending! Hold this position for 20 seconds and repeat. 

Home Workout #3: Reverse Lunges  

It’s also important to always keep mixing and refreshing our workout routine, especially during the quarantine. Maybe this is why Yasmin Karachiwala here recommends doing reverse lunges. They work great for our glutes and hamstring. Stand straight on your mat and lunge backward while bending and come up straight. You will feel a burn in your thighs too. 15 repetitions per leg. 

Home Workout #4: Plank To Pike 

Get into a plank position. Make sure your feet to head, the line is straight and your hands are inside your shoulder range. Next, lift your back up and tilt in. Yasmin Karachiwala says that this exercise will help your whole body to get involved and it’s a great wake to shake awake those dead muscles. 

Home Workout #5: Triceps Dips 

This one is a great exercise for those who are missing lifting dumbbells and working their triceps. All you need to do here is, sit on the mat, keep your hands behind yourself with fingers pointing towards your feet. Now using your arm strength, lift your body up, let your hip hover in the air and stretch backward and inwards. Make sure the movement is smooth and not jerky.  

Home Workout #6: High Knee 

This insane workout had to end with cardio! Keep your hands in front of your wait and jump to get your knees to touch your hands, simple! 

Hope this workout helps you beat the quarantine blues and we’re sure they’re effective since it’s coming from the fitness queen herself!

Cover Image Source: Instagram

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