Zayn Malik Got Involved In A Late-Night Altercation Outside A Bar In NYC

Not a weekend he expected!

This weekend was not as fun for Zayn Malik as he might have thought, as the 28-year-old singer got involved in a late-night altercation with a stranger. On Thursday night, after 2 am, Zayn was spotted smoking a cigarette outside Amsterdam Billiards Club in the East Village when a group of some unknown guys came out of the nearby bar, Little Sister Lounge, soon after that it was reported that Malik got into a verbal altercation with one of those guys. After the altercation ended, the ‘Pillow Talk’ singer was seen shirtless, however, no one knows why.

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Apparently, the internet is all over Zayn Malik right now after he allegedly passed a homophobic slur repeatedly. However, it was claimed that the stranger used that slur to provoke Malik. The verbal fight which was also caught on a camera eventually ended in a physical brawl, although there were no injuries. “Zayn is in here a lot and we absolutely love having him. He was here for a few hours playing pool and ping-pong with a bunch of people, and there were no problems,” one of the club’s owners told Page Six. “I heard that the [scuffle] started over the guy wanting a photo, but I’m not sure. It happened outside. We gave him an Amsterdam Billiards T-shirt and are bummed he wasn’t wearing it outside!” the owner added.

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Zayn Malik who recently had his first child, a daughter, with girlfriend and model Gigi Hadid is often seen stuck in controversies but not like these. Some of his fans who love the ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ singer have come forward for his rescue from all the negative comments on the internet. They are defending him by giving explanations of what might have happened and that zayn is not a bad person. However, another group of people seems to be offended by Zayn’s homophobic slur. These conflicts of interest on thoughts on Zayn’s late-night fight have started a war on Twitter.

A user wrote, “People on Instagram defending zayn malik saying the f slur is so weird… especially when they’re not part of the LGBT community… ESPECIALLY DURING PRIDE MONTH.” while other said, “As a fan of zayn malik, and someone apart of the lgbtq+ community, no matter if he was called it, he shouldn’t have said the f slur. the cishets have no right to defend him on this. I still love and support him. he just needs to be held accountable for his actions.”

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Between all these negative comments there was no scarcity of the good ones as one of the users wrote, “Everybody shut up. Zayn’s right about that. What are you going to do about someone who wants to fight you? He just defended himself. @zaynmalik We’re defending you, Zayn. Because you didn’t deserve hate. Remember that we will always love you, we will always defend you. We love u.”

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