Zendaya Proves Why She Is The Ultimate Icon And The Coolest One In The League!

Zendaya reminds us why stanning her is the best decision ever!

Zendaya Being The True Queen That She Is!

Zendaya is one of the first names that comes to one’s mind when considering artists who have a knack for speaking their minds and walk to their own beats. The Euphoria star has always made sure to ‘not’ conform to restrictive gender ideals that exist around the world.

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In a very recent appearance, Zendaya has yet again proved that she is not someone who is bound by stereotypical gender norms.

Zendaya recently got featured in Vanity Fair’s Proust Questionnaire which aims to pose 35 ‘personality revealing questions’, like a rapidfire round, in front of the stars who take part in it.

You can checkout the video here.

One of the questions during this session was, “What is the quality you most like in a man?” Hearing this Zendaya quickly corrected the host and replied with a rephrased version of the same saying: “I most like in a person, how about that?” 

Continuing with the interview, she went ahead and provided a well thought out insight to what she admires the most in a person saying: “It’s such a big question.What is the quality I most like in someone? I would say, ‘kindness’ is kind of not the best way to describe it, but some people are just good people, and you can just feel it.”

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Further adding on, the Malcolm And Marie star stated: “And I don’t know how to explain that, but there’s this little spark they have, or this little special thing that they have, that just you feel safe and happy around them. I don’t know what that is, but some people have it, and it’s special.”

The host’s following question was, “What is the quality you most like in a woman?” She answered with a giggle saying, “Well, I guess that’s the same answer.”

Zendaya also spoke out about self-love in the conversation. When she was asked about what she dislikes the most about her appearance, the former Disney star replied: “I promote self-love and I think I have to live that too, so I definitely try not to be critical of myself and my appearance. I think it’s not fair to like say someone is full of themselves or whatever if they actually just love themselves. So I’m not going to say that I dislike anything about my appearance. I’m going to love myself.”

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Zendaya makes sure to shatter gender presumptive ideals every time she comes across one and has always been very vocal about her thoughts of equality.

The star, whose full name is: Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, is a man (sic) of action. Zendaya is the founder of a very popular clothing line, Daya by Zendaya, which debuts gender-neutral pieces! During a conversation, when she was asked about this unique concept of the brand she replied: “I just felt that if I’m going to do a clothing line, that’s the only way I see it being done,” she explained her decision. “That’s the future of fashion.”

In another interview, she revealed why she chose to create a brand that doesn’t say, ‘This is for a girl; this is for a boy.’ The Greatest Showman star stated:

“That’s the future of fashion, right? I was lucky to have parents who let me wear what I wanted to wear and let me shop where I wanted to shop. Nine times out of 10 I was shopping in the boys section. I wore cargo shorts and hoodies. That was my uniform. And it’s different being a girl. We can wear guys’ clothes, but the second a guy wears girls’ clothes, it’s like— That’s not fair…”

The 24 year old stunner made history at the 72nd Emmy Awards, last year, by becoming the youngest woman to win best actress in a drama series. She won the award for her stunning portrayal of Rue in Euphoria. Needless to say why Tom Holland thinks she is a ‘Perfect’ person and we cannot agree more!

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