Chris Hemsworth Had A Fishing Failure That His Friends Won’t Let Him Forget

He has been working hard to build up strength.

Chris Hemsworth, the 38-year-old Thor heartthrob, recently had an epic boo-boo on a fishing trip with his friends. On the trip, the actor was heavily roasted by his mates after his fishing line got caught in a tree.


“Hey, Hemsy. What’d you catch, mate?” chimed in one of his friends in the background. “He’s got the tree!” jeered another. The actor took to his Instagram to share this funny little moment. He also claimed that he had to let his catch go because it was “a big one”. “It’s a big one. We had to let him go, though, because of the environment,” he joked along with his fishing buddies.

“Geez how goods fishing. Damn I’m good at it 😂😂,” he wrote in the caption.

Chris Hemsworth’s fishing campaigns with his family

Although this time was deemed to be a bummer for Chris Hemsworth, the actor is known to enjoy fishing a lot, even going on fishing trips with his eight-year-old sons, Tristan and Sasha tagging along.

“Epic weekend with these little legends,” he wrote in the caption of a post that captured a moment from one of these fishing trips. The actor sometimes also brings along his wife Elsa Pataky and their eldest child on these adventures. The family had also been exploring the Kimberley region in Western Australia last year to find a spot to spend some quality time together and also fishing.

“My men taking care of diner!!” wrote Pataky in the caption of a photo of Hemsworth and one of their sons fishing off a cliff which she posted on Instagram.

The actor’s rigorous workout routine

Chris Hemsworth has also recently been taking extra care of his health and fitness and building up his strength. He has also been encouraging his fans to do the same. Taking to his social media, he frequently shares various workouts and training methods from his health, fitness, and wellness app Centr which has been specially personalized by trainer Luke Zocchi and chef Dan Churchill.


In his latest Centr session on Instagram, the actor demonstrated a “monster” workout that challenges endurance. And the best part is that it only requires one piece of equipment: the bar. This workout routine consists of 7 exercises that need to be performed 100 times in total.

“This one’s a monster, not for the faint hearted,” he wrote in the caption. “Go at your own pace and give it a crack!” he added.

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