George Clooney And Ben Affleck’s Banter At ‘The Tender Bar’ Red Carpet Wins The Internet

“He’s just so good and so smart.”

George Clooney and Ben Affleck had a gala time on Sunday as the two showered praises at each other. The stars appeared on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of “The Tender Bar,” which Clooney directed and Affleck stars in.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Affleck talking of Clooney said, “We had great experience working together previously, he produced ‘Argo’ [with me]. He just has so much experience doing his thing, doing this job, and it’s like, such a gift. Because it cuts through all the noise and gets right to the x, y, z. Bing, bang, boom.” He also added that Clooney is “the best, most precise director I’ve ever worked with.”

Affleck added of Clooney, “He’s just so good and so smart and creates a great environment.”

So would he want to act with Clooney?

“I would love to,” Affleck said. “He’s gotta hire me. I mean, he’s gotta cast himself and hire me. Maybe that’s the next step.”

On the other hand, Clooney had a different take on acting with Affleck, joking that he’s too short to stand next to the actor.

“He’s a foot taller than me! He makes me look like Mickey Rooney when I stand next to this guy,” Clooney said. “I think it would be too much sexy for one screen. Because he’s a one-time sexiest man.”

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But for Affleck, there were also some valuable lessons learned during their time together. 

In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the cast was asked about their experience with Clooney as their director. 

The “Justice League” star shared that he received the most useful notes from Clooney.

“He gave me the best notes of any director I’ve ever worked with; the most playable, useful notes. It’s a function of his having done this job for so long, having done it really well and learned from really good directors,” Affleck told THR. “He credits other directors he’s worked with but even more than that, it’s just as much a credit to his own experience and the time he’s devoted to acting and playing the kinds of roles that he has.”

Elaborating further, he added, “I’ve had experiences when a director talks for 45 minutes before a scene and it can be circuitous and abstract and you leave thinking, I don’t know how to play this. George gives notes that are both about the character’s internal life but also the specificity of what’s actually happening in the moment. He really is an expert. I’m just lucky that I got the chance to work with him.” 

Meanwhile, George Clooney praised Ben Affleck as an actor. 

According to him, “casting is everything.” He said the production had to cast the right people for the project and went on to praise the “Batman v Superman” star saying, “Ben is a really good actor.”

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