Kit Harington Gives A Surprise Performance On The Tonight Show

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon celebrated its 1500th episode with a Kit Harington singing for them

Kit Harington recently celebrated the 1500th episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, on Thursday, by giving a surprise performance, which was something he has never done before. According to the host, Jimmy Fallon, Kit’s performance was something that other celebrities have ‘passed on’ for years. “Guys, tonight is our 1,500th show and, in honor of that, something special is about to happen,” said Fallon. “Years ago we had an idea for a bit called ‘Straight Up Goes for It.’ It was a simple idea. We wanted somebody to come out and straight-up sing ‘Drops of Jupiter’ by the band Train. That’s it. That’s the whole idea.”

Jimmy explained that he has been pitching his guests for years to do this, however, no one has ever agreed. What’s a better time than the 1500th episode of the show to perform something like this?

“The sketch has been our white whale,” Fallon added. “We’ve been pitching it for years. Dozens of people. Famous people that you know and love, both singers, they sing in movies, they dance and they sing, and they actually have music out. They all passed on it. But not tonight. Tonight that changes because we finally have someone who has the guts to do it.”

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Kit Harington finally agreed to sing for his fans and for the show’s celebration even though the ‘Game Of Thrones’ alum does not know how to play the piano or even how to sing. So why did he agree to do this in the first place?

“I had a lot of thoughts when you sent me that. Like, a lot,” the British actor explained. “And the sensible part of my brain, the bit that said, ‘You’re not a singer, you have no connection to this song, it’s of no relevance to anything you’re talking about on the show,’ said don’t do it. But there was another little part of my brain, right? The bit that gets me in trouble, that was like, ‘But what if you’re brilliant?'”

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Kit Harington’s Personal Life

Kit Harington and wife Rose Leslie have recently become parents to a son, and according to the 34-year-old actor, it was the most amazing thing that has happened to him this year. While his appearance on ‘The Tonight Show,’ Jimmy asked Harington what he does to make the baby laugh, to which he replied that he performs weird dance steps for this purpose. “I’d do anything. Yeah, I think Rose is the one who he seems to respect and love, and she’s his safe place, and I just seem to be sheer entertainment,” he said. “Do you know what I mean? And not even very good entertainment. Just entertainment.”

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The actor further explained that he used to be a good dancer, however, now after months of dancing with weird steps in front of his 6-month-old, he has lost his old movies. “But now I realize, I go back onto a dance floor, and I’ll dance like that but lost the old moves entirely. And then in the future, I know he’s going to mock me about it. And I’ll be like, ‘This is your fault,'” he said.

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