Mahmood Shares A Piece Of His Mind About BLANCO And Eurovision 2022

He feels the young rapper is already a genius!

Mahmood, the 29-year-old Italian singer-songwriter, recently opened up about sharing the stage with BLANCO and returning to Eurovision 2022. The duo released a new song titled “Brividi”, an emotional ballad.


“I’m super happy to be here again. It’s a great possibility to bring my story to a big stage. In 2019, I was just telling my own story of when I was a kid. With ‘Brividi’, it’s another story. You can say different things in a different way. This is a completely new experience singing with him, and I learn something from him every time we sing,” he said in an interview.

Mahmood on his experience working with BLANCO and performing at Eurovision 2022

He also got candid about his new track with the 19-year-old rapper. “It’s two different generations, with the same fears about exposing your feelings to someone that you love. It’s a normal thing to be vulnerable and to be masculine. It has to be a more common, natural thing now to just spread love. That’s life. I have a lot of family and friends who are afraid to expose their feelings and I think we wrote the song because we’re not so afraid anymore to be sincere with ourselves. Love is to be free, in any case. The power of the song is freedom, and I think that ‘Brividi’ doesn’t speak about exactly what kind of love we’re dealing with, but more about losing the fear to face someone you love and expose your emotions,” he said.


Mahmood and BLANCO have participated together in Eurovision 2022, despite their vastly busy schedules. The duo had previously shared a win at the Sanremo Festival in February and went on to go on highly successful tours following that. “It’s so cool to be on stage again, after two years of COVID lockdown, and performing in front of a live audience,” said the “Soldi” hitmaker.

What advice does he have for the young rapper?

Mahmood also took his time to advise BLANCO about what to expect from Eurovision 2022 albeit it wasn’t too much. “For me, the most important thing isn’t so much the competition, but to put all of my energy and passion into a performance. I hope, with BLANCO, to stay free and enjoy the moment. And as for advice, he is good at what he does! What advice could I possibly give him?” he said.


Catch the Eurovision 2022 Song Contest Grand Finale on 14th May!

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