Millie Bobby Brown Reveals The Prank She Played On Her Co-star With Stranger Things Crew

Millie Bobby Brown also stepped out for a dinner date with boyfriend Jake Bongiovi.

Millie Bobby Brown tapped her latest shot on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where she revealed the prank she got the whole Stranger Things crew to play on her co-star Noah Schnapp.

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Speaking about Noah, the 18-year-old actress, who has been on Stranger Things since she was a little girl she said, ‘Well, he’s the biggest prankster of them all. ‘I too am pretty bad but he, he goes to great extents so we thought as a crew that we needed to get him back.’

Millie remembered: ‘So it was 4am, we were in New Mexico, we were on set and it was the last night of shooting.’ She and the crew ‘thought: “What better way to get him than to get him to base camp?” and we had trash bins filled with water balloons all around, and we turned all the lights off at base camp.’

At that point Millie rang up Noah and began ‘crying: “Noah, I’m just so upset that, you know, you’re not here to say goodbye to me. Please just come back to base camp. I’m leaving now.” “Okay, Mill, okay, I’ll be there!”‘

Millie continued: ‘He gets to base camp, I’m like: “Noah, I got you a present, you know.” ‘And I get him in the middle of the car park and all of us, about 20 people, raid him, absolutely invade him and it’s bad. It was bad.’ Noah evidently gave as good as he got, becoming ‘really aggressive’ to the point Millie thought: ‘My God, I’m a girl!’ she quipped.

He continued to be pelted with water balloons for about ’15 minutes,’ and now Millie confessed that ‘when I see him I’m like terrified’ that he will try to get her back.

While chatting with Jimmy, Millie also confirmed that she had adopted her American accent for Stranger Things from the series Hannah Montana starring Miley Cyrus.

‘Yeah, because I watched Bugsy Malone and Godfather when I was like eight,’ Millie remembered, sharing that ‘my parents were like, you know, watching all these movies with me and I was like: “Yeah, but Hannah Montana’s like, Oscar nominating, like it’s so good.” Hannah Montana’s the best!’

“Everything about it is amazing and I got the American accent, so I would’ – she lapsed into an American accent – ‘always literally just be like: “Hi, like, you know, how are you, Jimmy?”‘ While watching movies ‘I like to see characters and then I just do the accent. As long as I’ve watched it for long enough, I can kind of get it to somewhat of a t,’ she said.

After her appearance for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Millie Bobby Brown stepped out for a dinner date in New York City on Friday with boyfriend Jake Bongiovi.

Following her taping, the actress switched up her look from a purple RaisaVanessa ensemble to some cool patchwork bell bottoms for the night out with Jake.

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