Miranda Lambert Opens Up About Her Tumultuous Divorce From Blake Shelton

Her privacy was not at all respected!

A little bit on Miranda Lambert’s split from Blake Shelton

Miranda Lambert has opened up about how highly publicized her horrible divorce with Black Shelton was 7 years back, to the point where it shattered her. The 38-year-old country music star shared details on her tabloid-frenzy divorce that really took a toll on her mental health.


“I wasn’t prepared for that,” she said in an interview with CBS News. “I don’t think anybody is. And it’s not nice sometimes, but I think you got to take it with a grain of salt,” she added. “I’m a singer-songwriter so luckily I can tell my whole truth,” she continued. “I will not lie in my music,” she added.


She also went on to talk about how music helped her find peace within herself. “I’ve also grown up and I’ve learned a lot about myself and I think at some point you start to settle into who you are,” she said.  “I think that’s why you feel that peace coming from me, because I feel at peace with myself,” she added.


Miranda Lambert filed for divorce from Blake Shelton in July 2015. They finalized their official separation hours after they had already split. “There are no hard feelings,” a source reported to US Weekly back then. “They want to move on as friends, and they are doing just that,” they added.

A bit on their current relationships

Miranda Lambert went on to date and remarry even after her divorce from Blake Shelton. And so did the 45-year-old “God’s Country” hitmaker. While the latter married No Doubt icon, Gwen Stefani, last year, the former went on to form a relationship with NYPD police officer Brendan McLoughlin. The couple tied the knot in January 2019 and the announcement came a month later.


“Blake found about the wedding at the same time everyone else did,” said an insider to US Weekly. However, the singer had almost no contact after they called it quits.


Lambert was also inspired by her relationship with McLoughlin to write a song. This resulted in the creation of “Settling Down” in whose music video the NYPD cop starred. “He loves it,” gushed Lambert about her husband.  “He’s such a ham. I mean, he’s white teeth, blue eyes … if there’s a camera, he’ll jump in front of it. He’s a very extroverted, outgoing person,” she added.

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