7 Reasons Why Disney-Pixar’s ‘Ratatouille’ Is One Of The Best Movies Of All Time!

‘Ratatouille’ – A remembrance

Ratatouille’ from Disney-Pixar is a timeless beauty. The 2007 animated movie, directed by Brad Bird, tells the story of the friendship between a rat and a human and also comes with a moral that anything can be achieved irrespective of who you are or where you come from. The title of the movie is a play on the words ‘rat’ (the central character is that of a rat) and ‘ratatouille’ which is a dish that is a part of French cuisine.

Although the movie isn’t perfect, its positive qualities overshadow the flaws and make it worth watching. This is also a film that can be enjoyed by audiences of all age groups, from children to even adults!


Here are 7 reasons why ‘Ratatouille’ remains to be one of Disney-Pixar’s greatest creations till today!

1. The plot of the movie

Ratatouille’ tells the story of a little rat, Remy who dreams of being a chef. Quite a wild dream for such a small creature! But that doesn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams.

After getting inspired by the words of star chef Gusteau and following a lot of struggle, Remy ends up in the kitchen of one of Gusteau’s restaurants in Paris. Here he meets Linguini who has been hired as a helping hand in the kitchen but through Remy’s help (Remy controlling his movements by pulling his hair), he ends up making a name for himself as a great chef. However, the truth soon comes to light and Remy and Linguini are exposed. But through sheer dedication and the love for food, Remy overcomes all his problems and fulfills his dream of becoming a chef.


The storyline is quite unique and subtly puts out the message of being confident in one’s own abilities and finding one’s place in the world no matter what background one comes from. It is a story of finding one’s passion and believing in one’s own self. Remy, even though being a rat, fulfills his dreams of becoming a chef and that teaches us all that anything is possible if you are hard working and dedicated to your craft.


2. The background musical score

The background themes and the music for ‘Ratatouille’ have been provided by Michael Giacchino. The music is delightful, mellifluous and really sets the mood for the film. Giacchino has been able to perfectly capture the essence of Paris through his music for the movie. Remy’s theme which consists of a delicate flute-based tune is iconic and perfectly captures the moments in the life of the rat. The background score also uses orchestral elements which creates a sense of grandiosity that is associated with the classy aesthetics of Paris, France, as Remy looks over the city lights at night from his human friend’s apartment rooftop.


3. The voice actors in the movie have done a really good job

The role of the voice actors in ‘Ratatouille’ is noteworthy. The voice actors have really done their part in bringing each character to life and also bringing out the emotional depth within each of them as well. Especially, those who voiced the character of the rats did an excellent job of giving these non-human creatures human-like qualities.


Remy, the central character, has been voiced by Patton Oswalt, Alfredo Linguini has been voiced by Lou Romano, Peter O’Toole has voiced the character of Anton Ego, Brad Garrett has voiced Auguste Gusteau and Janeane Garofalo has voiced Colette Tatou.


4. The setting and location of ‘Ratatouille’

Ratatouille’ is set in the city of Paris, in France. Pixar has done a stupendous job in portraying the city with its dreamlike views and all its beauty. But that’s not all, the movie also shows the dingy alleyways which are home to rats but at the same time, these nooks and crannies are also bubbling with life, energy, and vitality as seen from Remy’s perspective, all thanks to the colony of rats who live there!

The movie shows Paris in all its colours, its smells, and aesthetics all the while paying homage to French cuisine!


5.  The various shades of French cuisine

If you are a food-lover, you are definitely going to LOVE ‘Ratatouille’. Food forms an important theme of the movie, as we are taken on a journey through the portrayal of mouth-watering French cuisine. You are sure to crave some delicious French food after watching this movie!

The final titular dish ‘ratatouille’ that is served to Anton Ego will only make you want to visit Paris and grab a bite today! In fact, the movie includes scenes where the food is prepared by the characters and it is a rather interesting process and quite intriguing at the same time.


6. ‘Ratatouille’ is the best movie for having a good laugh and a light-hearted time

The most impressive component of ‘Ratatouille’ is, how it portrays humour in such a way that is sure to make adults and kids laugh out loud alike. The comedy in the movie isn’t too direct or consisting of straight-cut jokes or puns, but rather blended perfectly with the main storyline.

Linguini is a comic relief in the movie, although he messes up throughout the movie, the audience can’t help but laugh at his air-headedness and awkward personality. The humour portrayed in ‘Ratatouille’ is very soft and at the same time is bound to tickle your funny bones!


7.  The moral that is imparted by ‘Ratatouille’

One of the best things about this movie is that it is not just a movie that you watch and then forget about the next moment. What sets ‘Ratatouille’ apart from the rest of Disney’s animated films is that there is a prominent moral at the end of the story. And this moral is imparted by Anton Ego, the food critic in the story. The message of the story is a learning lesson for every age-group and if you are someone who is looking for some serious motivation in life, ‘Ratatouille’ might just be the perfect movie for you!


Lastly, it is worth mentioning that ‘Ratatouille’ is Disney-Pixar’s gem and remains to be a favourite with the Disney fans even 14 years after it’s release!

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