Bhumi Pednekar Finally Laments Over How Her Movie Sonchiriya Never Made It To The Awards

Find out why Sonchiriya will always remain Bhumi’s favourite!

Action, drama, dust and guns are not the only things you will find in the movie Sonchiriya, starring Bhumi Pednekar, Sushant Singh Rajput, Manoj Bajpayee and Ashutosh Rana. Set in the year 1975, this movie had released in March 2019. But, alas, no one seemed to have talked about it, be it on television shows that are known for promoting movies or the award shows. In a recent interview, Bhumi finally revealed how the movie was more than just motion picture and how it taught her immensely about acting, emotions and individuality. But, that’s not all. Find out why Sonchiriya will always remain Bhumi’s favourite below.

More Than Just A Story

Sonchiriya comprised a list of interesting characters with fascinating backgrounds. While most of the characters in the movie are dacoits who like to term themselves as rebels, Bhumi Pednekar’s role was a first for her. Portraying the character of Indumati Tomar, she plays a rebellious lady who was married as a child and is also a rape survivor. Though Bhumi is known for her small town girl roles, this one was surely very different from the rest and showcased a different side of Bhumi on the silver screen.

What Made Sonchiriya Unique

If you are thinking what made Sonchiriya a critics’ favourite, then here’s what you need to know. Sonchiriya was filmed mostly in the town of Chambal in Central India. Most of the scenes were shot outdoors as a result of which the film correctly gives it a more realistic feeling. Directed and co-written by the critically acclaimed Indian filmmaker Abhishek Chaubey, Sonchiriya’s dialogues are entirely in the Bundeli dialect. Bhumi Pednekar, who is originally from Maharashtra, had to take some training in order to be able to speak in Bundeli.

What Makes It Memorable For Bhumi

Bhumi Pednekar has revealed how Abhishek Chaubey mentored her to dive deep into her character. The dialect, the expressions and the feel of the character were justified by Bhumi’s performance. This is majorly because the entire crew including Chaubey was a constant support for Bhumi as well as the entire cast. While it may not have made an entry at the award’s night, Sonchiriya received much appreciation from film buffs around the world.

We hope to witness more of such realistic cinema in the days to come!

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