Blake Lively And Anna Kendrick Are Reuniting For A Simple Favor Sequel

What can we expect from the movie?

Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick are making a comeback to the upcoming A Simple Favor sequel and we couldn’t be more excited! Paul Feig’s 2018 dark comedy-thriller starring the two actresses is getting a part 2 which will feature them as two friends entangled in a dubious game of deceit.

A little bit about the movie

According to Deadline, the movie will be made by Lionsgate and Amazon Studios. The 59-year-old director will also produce the film under his Feigco Entertainment label alongside Laura Fischer, while Jessica Sharzer — the writer of the first movie — will come back to write the script this time around too. She is also set to executive produce the film.


The Gossip Girl actress apparently liked a post about the movie shared on The Hollywood Reporter’s page, confirming her involvement with the project. The actress later confirmed the news in her Instagram Story quoting the lyric, “Then I check it TWICE, oh,” from Taylor Swift‘s 2017 hit, “Look What You Made Me Do”.


What roles do Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick play in The Simple Favor?

The movie will star Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick as two friends in A Simple Favor, Emily and Stephanie. Stephanie is a mommy vlogger who tries to unravel the mystery behind her friend’s disappearance. In the process, she comes to unearth some really dark truths, and Emily is not exactly who she claimed she was.

“Our movie is all about appearances being not what they seem and so we loved the idea of playing with the concept of ‘It’s not what you think.’ And I think these morphing photos do this in the most fun way possible,” Feig told People magazine about the movie.

The original movie grossed over $97 million at the global box office on an estimated $20 million budget. The movie is adapted from the 2017 book of the same name by Darcey Bell which also follows a similar plot.


The actresses’ respect and love for each other

The two actresses have also expressed their appreciation for each other previously. Speaking of Lively, Kendrik jokingly told ET, “You know what it is? Ryan’s an attractive, famous, successful man and you need to keep them on their toes. He’s got a great lady and I just need to let him know that Blake’s got options, you know what I’m saying,” referring to the latter’s husband Ryan Reynolds.


Lively also excitedly spoke about her experience working with the Pitch Perfect alum.  “I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time, so there’s immediate chemistry — she just didn’t know about it, so it’s just been a real slow, burn until I finally convinced her to be in a movie with [me,]” she said.


We for one cannot wait to catch Blake Live and Anna Kendrick in The Simple Favor 2!

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